Thursday, 5 March 2009

Way out west

Decided to take it easy today, I've got a two day Watercolour workshop this weekend, so we had a ride over to Wastwater it's about one hour from Keswick, the terrain is more like the Scottish Highlands than the Cumbria Fells, this is a classic viewpoint and where the AA or was is RAC advert was filmed. The weather today was changeable we left Keswick at 7 degrees drove through snow showers and 1 degrees and then sat on the beach at Seascale in 10 degrees warm sunshine, weird! I can't wait to have a go at painting Wastwater on big piece of paper to give it all the drama it deserves. I liked the atmosphere of today much better than sunny green days in Summer.

First there was one........

Can you believe this was taken just 35 minutes after the photo above!

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