Thursday, 15 October 2015

Perfect painting weather

Four days of super sunny weather.
Autumn colours bursting with sparkle
Reflections barely moving, until a duck swims peacefully by.
Fresh mountain air and  clear brilliant Blue skies
A paint brush in hand and bright primary colours at the ready
Herdwicks smiling, a kingfisher singing  swiftly by and many Robins taking a peak.
The Glenthorne nestled and embraced by the Autumn glow
Cold mornings of frost warming the soft mist magically into sunshine days.
A perfect end to a wonderful year of courses and workshops
Thank you to all the inspiring wonderful artists , old friends and new, that all  make painting in the Lake District such a great experience.
Next year's courses are starting to fill, if you fancy coming along has the dates and more information 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Roses emerging in watercolour

I'm really loving painting floral subjects, especially in watercolours. The fragility and pure beauty of flowers seems to lend itself to this gorgeous medium. Working with a limited palette really does help with colour mixes.
No pre sketching and the subject naturally evolve, before the eyes.Mind it is total concentration, with wonderful wet in wet. No hairdryer, just a touch of masking fluid.
I'm letting it dry now and will rub the masking fluid off and return fresh and ready for action tomorrow.
I have a floral watercolour course organised for next Spring ideal for those who love watercolours, flowers and been inspired. It's based in Grasmere at the Glenthorne from Monday 21st to 24th March 2016 with lots of indoor studio based demonstrations and workshop and some outdoor painting locations to see the famous Lakeland Daffodils.

Fancy painting in watercolours
Six project course with personal feedback on each project

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sunflowers in watercolours

Sunflower Day

Painted in Watercolours

I'm really enjoying working on the Saunders Waterford paper for a change. It reacts in different ways to the Arches. The Sunflowers were shouting to be painted, after one failed result. I attacked with a calm and open mind or Brush!! In fact I mainly used a flat synthetic brush for most of the painting. 

It started with  dampened paper, I added weak washes of paint, moved the board around. Stronger values were added along with sprinkles of salt and sprays of fine water. I painted it all in one wet in wet sitting. No hairdryer, just a cool room letting the paint softly merge together.

Gosh it was fun. I wondered about more detail?
But the brush has been laid down and the artist is happy with the outcome :-)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Atmosphere and mist in watercolor demonstration

Stage one

Working on a piece of stretched Arches 140lbs not paper.
 Winsor newton artist quality tubes of Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose and Quinacridone Gold.
Size 12 and 8 Sable brush. a hake flat brush and a synthetic flat brush

With the paper dry, a weak mix of Quinacridone Gold and  Permanent Rose is painted into the background mountains. While this was wet Cobalt and Permanent Rose was added allowing the two mixes to blend together. Clean water was used to soften below. Working with the painting board at a slight angle stops back runs and allows mist to evolve naturally.

Stage Two

With the first washes dry, dampen all of the paper with clean water using the soft hake brush.
  A large mixture of Quinacridone Gold and Permanent Rose is washed into the lower sky and Lake areas. A Stronger mix of Cobalt and Permanent Rose is painted softly into the sky, allowing both mixes to merge together. A water spray is handy if the paint is drying to quickly. Moving the painting board around will encourage the paint to create magical sky effects.

Stage Three

With the sky dry begin to add darker tonal values, this will help to create depth in the mountain scene. Ultramarine Blue is now mixed with Permanent Rose, this warmer Blue will give more tonal strength. The Lake is dampened with clean water and the same mountain colours painted into the reflections. Leaving a few lighter areas for pale ripples in the lake.

Stage Four

With the size 12 brush and a big wash of Quinacridone Gold and Permanent Rose quickly paint into the next mountain range, while this is still wet a wash of Ultramarine Blue with Permanent Rose is applied into the mountain side. Dampen with clean water at the base, this will give mist and atmosphere to the scene. Similar colors are painted into the Lake below.

Stage Five
Trees are painted into the base of the mountain, softening with clean water to give the appearance of soft mist on the lake. To paint the small Island a dry brush with a rich tonal value of Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose and Quinacridone gold is used. Painting the reflection at the same time.
A few ripples in the foreground  are added to complete this atmospheric Lakeland scene.

I hope you enjoy having a go at this great scene and for more watercolour projects with personal feedback and extra handy tips