Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Mad White Hares!

Zero degrees at 9.45 am this morning and had to wipe the snow off the car, Winter is back!! No visabilty from Viridian Gallery today I could'nt see my old favourite mountain 'Robinson'. Kirkstone Pass is shut and  Dunmail raise was closed this morning, but it's open now. Maybe I do feel back in the mood to paint snow covered tops. I think it will be an interesting drive to Grasmere at tea time. Here's a web cam from the Highfield Hotel looking towards the Lake

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Daffodils at Ullswater

Daffodils at Ullswater Watercolour

With snow forecast and listening to the road closures in the Scottish Highlands, even me who loves Snow is ready for a little Easter sunshine! I've managed to get all 5 paintings finished for the Grasmere exhibition which starts this Friday. I've cheated on one! You have to write the titles 6 weeks beforehand and at that time it was all snow!! But with thoughts of Springtime I didn't have the inclination to paint a snowy Striding Edge! Do you think they will notice Bluebell Wood instead!! I enjoyed painting  Ullswater Daffodils above, I'm itching to get down to the shore and see those wonderful dancing Daffodil heads, but with high winds and driving rain it's not been particularly beckoning!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

People painting session

Demonstarted the 'people street scene' this morning  ‘Start on the buildings and the street first, then pop in the people, I heard myself saying full of confidence, a few eyebrows lifted. The secret I said ‘ is that most of the head tops are all on the same line, it’s the bodies that alter in size, smaller in the distance bigger in the foreground. We started eventually on the painting, the buildings went in with plenty of colour, now it was the people, ‘ One lady said with concern ‘ I only do it if its Fun’ It’s easy I said ‘just a blob for the head, a bit of a body and legs don’t worry about shoes and give the ground a shadow to stop them floating away. Walking round the class I noticed a few people shapes had been painted in doing star jumps, we had a cowboy slumped round a corner, ladies with handbags which of course no Italian signore would come out without her bag, Not sure about the cowboy though! I think everyone enjoyed our different session this morning. It was the last one till September, I'm sure it will soon be here, but with thoughts of warm sunny days ahead of us, off I walked home in the pouring rain

Saw this row of washing in Millbeck, I love the socks! Notice also the snow is going on the fells, sitting in front of the fire writing this though.

Ahhh look at this baby Baa Lamb, only looks a few hours old.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Street paintings

Street Paintings
 I'm going to have a go at demonstrating  this to my Wednesday Class, they asked for people in the landscapes and a street, so I think this might fit the bill. We could be in for a fun morning. It's inspired from Iseo town, every 3rd Sunday they have outdoor antique and art fair. Last year we happened to be painting in Iseo on the same Sunday, it certainly was buzzing with art apprieciating Italians. I'd love to have a go one time!

Evening Flight, Derwentwater.

Why evening flight well If you look closely there are a couple of Canadian Geese. I started on this last week and could'nt decide whether to put the geese in or not. Then stood having a coffee outside and 7 of them went flying by honking, so I took this as an omen and in they went. This could be one of the Grasmere paintings, just over a week left and I still a have a couple left to paint.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Over Fifty

Love this shot of ladies over fifty, it was taken in Italy last year while waiting for the ferry. There really is a painting round every corner, it's just a case of looking and thinking about it. What do you think they are chatting about, I think the lady 7th in with the red skirt is talking about about the  lady in Red, maybe she makes better Ragu sauce, or what's in her handbag, whatever it is, it makes me smile just thinking!
And my over fifty is 'A big thank you to all my followers on the blog, today we hit 'Over fifty'
This shot was also taken while on my Painting holiday in Italy, and I'm still thinking of next weeks class 'People in paintings' and think this could be a good one to do, not sure it can be painted in 3hours though.

Friday, 12 March 2010

Painting at Grasmere

I've been painting this on and off all week, it started on Tuesday, I was a bit lost and not sure where I was going, then it started coming together on Wednesday with the trees in the middle distance, the boats sailed in on Thursday and a few hours today was painting ripples. I kept to a pretty small pallette Cobalt Blue is still flavour of the month Winsor Yellow and I tried a new colour, Magnesium Brown instead of Burnt Sienna, It mixed some nice darks and also some earthy greens. I've painted here beside the 'Tea Garden' many times usually with a Hot Chocolate with ginger in to keep me inspired and warm! It really is a beautiful tranquil spot and this is what I wanted to come across in the painting.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Demonstration in watercolours on Daffodils

Demonstrated Ullswater Daffodils to my monthly Wednesday class this morning, and they all did a smashing job, it's a great class everyone is very enthusiastic, which makes my job so much easier. I asked what they would like to do for the next session, ' people in paintings' and maybe a 'street scene'!!
So walking home in the sunshine, through Keswick town centre, passing locals and tourists sat outside enjoying coffee and listening to the busker playing. It felt like been abroad.

Moot Hall, Keswick

Capuccino time

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Spring is on it's way.

A few more shots of Scotland, driving back along Loch Lommond, the blue silhouette mountains plunging deeply into sparkling sun-kissed water reminded me of  Lake Iseo.
 With the sun shinning again today in the Lakes, Spring really does feel like it's on the way, I've seen crocuses, new born  lambs, catkins and sticky buds on the trees.The Daffodils will soon be out on the shores of Ullswater! Grasmere is holding an art exhibition at Easter and I am submitting five paintings as yet to be painted! So today found me starting on Number 1, so no pressure!

This tree always catches my eye, it seems to be growing out of the rock!It looked beautiful with the frost on it's outer branches.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Thumbs up for Scotland

A quick trip to Scotland this weekend and a day of skiing with amazing views of the 'Ben'. I couldn't wait to see the snow, quite alot has melted but it's still quite a winter wonderland. The drive along A82 from Loch Lomond to Fort William as got to be one of the most scenic routes. It kept me quiet and totally inspired the joys of driving in Scotland is seeing so much wild life, Oyster catchers, Deers, Stags, Herons were just a few that we saw along the way.
Not the French Alps, and how much snow would we find at Aonach Mor.

But Hands up, who likes the views across to Ben Nevis?
Sunshine all the way back along Glencoe, truly magical.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Glimpse of Derwentwater

A quick blog, this is painted from the walk up latrigg last week, a glimpse of Derwentwater and Catbells in the distance and I think the last of the snow!!! I used Cobalt Blue throughout the painting, I felt it mixed well and gave a warmer Blue, well it is March! More Blogs next week and hope no Bugs!

Monday, 1 March 2010

A Pain's Grey Sky!!

Grizdale Pike this morning from the window, you can see the path to the top creeping along the edge of the ridge.

Grizdale Pike this evening, a real Payne's Grey sky!! and is it pink, orange I think it could be coral!

March 1st and still snow, what a fantastic season it's been, I spoke to someone this morning in Fort William and they said they've never seen so much snow up there, may have to take a visit!

So with all this snow still around I finished off this watercolour.

Causey Pike, Winters Morning.

This is going to be one of  the projects for 'Online Watercolour Course'
For more details