Sunday, 28 February 2016

Starting in Watercolour

I love painting in watercolours. There is no other medium that is such a joy, when watching paint dry. It creates magic in front of your eyes. Knowing what colours mix well together, and other ingredients you can add is just like a favourite recipe. Picking the subject, you are never stuck for inspiration. I find what you love is what you paint best.

I've being painting in watercolours for over 25 years and learn something new on every painting. I love to pass this knowledge on to people who want to start painting again. I know that it will open eyes to new colours in the sunset sky or the shape and texture of a tree or just the pure beauty of fresh flowers.

My online course is ideal to get you painting again, taking each project slowly with personal feedback, and extra tips on each painting. There are three courses with six projects in all. Each course is £55.00 which includes a material list, sketches, colour tags and easy step by step instructions. Each course has no time limit, so be as quick or slow as you like.

Anybody can paint in watercolours with just a few tips and techniques to get you going and gaining confidence, and it will open up a whole new world of colour.

To join the online watercolour course it's £55.00 per course. A perfect present for the hidden artist.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Spring watercolours at Grasmere

Spring watercolours at Grasmere
Monday 21st to 24th March 2016
I have a couple of places available single or double en suite rooms
With indoor based studio demonstrations and visits to Rydal water and William Wordsworth Dora's field, full of wild Daffodils.
This four day course is suitable for beginners and Intermediates 

Come and be inspired in the beautiful Lake District.
Staying at the Glenthorne hotel, Grasmere

£395.00 Including Dinner, Bed and Breakfast and all tuition 

For more details.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Personal Painting critique.

Ullswater Daffodils painted in Watercolours

I love seeing the Daffodils on the shores of Ullswater, I think this year they will be early and probably out in a week or so. They help to bring light, warmth and depth to this pretty scene.

This scene is one of the projects in the second  watercolour online course. The second course leads on naturally from the first, but for those with a little experience in watercolours this course will be ideal. With step by step photographs and instructions covering many techniques colour mixing and the all important personal feedback.
This I feel is the part of the course which is unique. With all of the six projects you get personal feedback and critique to help with techniques, colour mixing or any general questions you have about watercolour painting. 

If you've got a little stale with painting and need a push in the right direction, now that Spring is just round the corner, the online second course could be just what you need.

Send me an email and I'll get the details and we can start painting straight away.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Keeping pastels clean.

I like a tidy start with pastels. Ten minutes later it looks slightly different!  Here is the set up, with some colours chosen, put together in tones and colour hues. 
I find having white paper is ideal to test colours and also clean pastels. Using the Pastelmat paper I do find any dirt or muddy colours on the pastels does show on the paper. I also wipe them regularly with tissue, or give them a shake in ground rice. Couscous seems to work too!!If you don't like me have ground rice in the cupboard

I often start with the background. Cooler tones, less detail and getting a feel for the place I'm in.
By the way, I forgot to tell you where we are. 
Looking into the Langdale valley from Lingmell fell, a super inspiring place at any time, but with the sun shining it's pure heaven.

This is as far as I've got, the Pastel sticks have had a party. Masking tape has been applied in the foreground,  I want to retain some of the juicy darks for later. And now it's time to stand back and figure out what needs adjusting.
I like to jump into the studio for a few minutes and see what catches my eye.

I'll keep you posted, with the progress.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Finding the perfect Yellow watercolour

I do find Landscape painting easier than expressing myself with Flowers. But it is all about the challenge and Flowers really get you thinking especially in watercolours. I often think how I would approach the subject in pastels, and I'm sure it could be easier, but do we as artists want easy???

That is the question, do we want to paint atmospheric, soft yet stunning Flowers, I'm sure we do.

Those that know me, will know I have a thing about colours, the ingredients, translucency, staining, flow and the special numbers that make them what they are.

Who said been an artist was easy or boring!!

Today I've been sat thinking about Yellow and doing some research, my friends would laugh if they knew, it's not just a yellow.

Cool, Mid or Warm. Pure, Opaque or tinged with another shade.

So with this in mind, we do need to choose the right colours for our palette, it will make a difference and most importantly give confidence.

I've organised a Fabulous Flower watercolour course in Grasmere staying at the very special Glenthorne with a super studio in the Gardens. It's going to be just a small group, but I promise at the end we will have learnt so much and tried different techniques and had a wonderful time.
If you would like to come along either on the course just send me an email there are a couple of single or twin ensuite rooms left. Or if you live nearby and just would like to come on the course, just let me know.

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Painting in the Lake District

Here I am demonstrating Bluebells and Silver Birch with watercolours, in the studio at the Glenthorne. We use the studio quite a bit on my courses, usually having a chat in the morning about painting ideas, before we head off on location, there are some lovely secret hideouts about ten minutes away. 

Walking down the quiet lanes looking for something wonderful to paint. Light on the fells, an old lakeland cottage, a gushing waterfall or maybe the hidden stepping stones with the Kingfisher dashing brightly by. 

After a few magical hours we might head back to the studio. A hot drink is the first call and then settle down to some serious painting or just pick up lots of handy tips.
By the way, Can you see the masking tape ? I use tape probably much more than masking fluid, I tear it into many different shapes and use it like a stencil ? I got the idea after watching Maitisse tear strips of paper into negative and also positive shapes. B &Q is just fine, just make sure it's low tack.
I use Arches paper mostly and find this is great with masking tape, Bocking ford can tear more easily.

I have a few places left on the following courses with Single and Double ensuite rooms, groups are small but painting at Grasmere is fantastic,  why not come along.

Fabulous flowers in watercolours  Monday 21st to Thursday 24th March £395.00

Bluebells and Rydal water in watercolour and Pastel Monday 8th to 11th May

Summer Watercolours Monday 7th to Thursday  10th August £395.00

 All courses include, Breakfast and all meals.