Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Dramatic mountain scenery in pastels

I love been  high on the fells, and on the top of Helvellyn on a sunny February day is close to perfect. After walking / scrambling to the top the views were awesome, with a painting in every direction. The light was stunning with mauve and liliac shadows and soft peach on sunlight snow as far as the eye could see. How marvellous a thing it is to be an artist. We see something inspiring and then spend many happy hours reliving and creating  the experience.

Stage two

Stage three 

Stage four

I feel like I have climbed the mountain painting this scene. It's nearly finished and been simular to a good book you can't put down and don't quite want to finish.

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Striding Edge, Helvellyn
 Painted in Pastels 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Sketching snow in the Lake district.

Friars Crag, Derwentwater.

I wandered down to the lake foreshore, with paints in the bag, scarf and hat firmly in place. 
With the wind not blowing, snow on the fells and barely anyone around, it really was a joy to be out painting. I've sketched from this spot many times and sit myself in the roots of the old tree. 
It is important for me to paint outdoors, but really it's about loving the outdoors, enjoying the wildlife and drinking in the view and atmosphere of a place.

I loosely painted with watercolours, no pre sketching onto Pastelmat pastel paper. When this was dry I added the pastels and then finished off the painting in the warm studio.

I do recommend getting out sketching.

These two lovely views, though were far too cold to sketch at. It was nearly too cold to get out of the car to take some photographs.

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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Winter Landscape in Pastels

I'm loving working on the Pastelmat pastel paper. This week I thought I would paint a classic Lakeland winter scene. Full of drama, colourful and also on a bigger scale. Something to really get the teeth into, so to speak!! I started with a white piece of paper and then added watercolours, very loosely to get the main mountain shapes and rich tonal colours. I then let this dry to see what magical effects would take place.

Working on the pastelmat with watercolours is very different to watercolour paper. This velvety touch paper is a little like blotting paper. Soft edges rather than hard edges seem to form.

With the paper dry I started with the sky making a few adjustments, getting a few colours down but not thinking about finishing this area. I like to start on the background first. It's a personal thing. Cool colours first and not too much details, gaining in momentum as we move forward richer tones, a little more detail and I'm finding my way through the scene.

Silly me I forgot to tell you where we are. It's a Saturday afternoon in February, bitterly cold and about two o'clock. We've been to the summit of Great Gable and now we are stopping for a late lunch on Green Gable and admiring the magnificent view down into Ennerdale Valley. Pillar the mountain on the left is demanding all the attention with the light catching rocks and cliff edges. We turn and head down the mountains following footsteps in the snow and make it safely back to the car in Seathwaite valley.

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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

A new year a new Hobby

A great big Happy Inspiring New Year to you.
How's the painting going? It's quite hard to get back into it after a short break.  I want to paint so much but at times find it difficult to focus on exactly what!! So the other day I had a play and painted one of my online projects

Windermere Sunset
This is the third project of the first course

 I've a few new students all starting the course and this is what one of them had to say after completing the first painting.
Thanks for the encouraging comments! 

I found the project gave me lots of new things to think about, especially the use of water to soften colour once it was applied to the paper. Also, I have commandeered my daughters hair dryer, which she is so far being understanding about. :)

The next project looks like another step up so looking forward to getting started. I might take your advice and do a couple of versions before sending back to you.

I can't wait to see his next painting. If you fancy joining and stating a new hobby for 2016. I love painting and see things so differently because of this. Definitely recommend it

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