Saturday, 21 March 2009

I enjoyed that!

I think it's finished, it's signed so yes it is! I really enjoyed painting this scene, totally different to mountain vista's, but it's all about been inspired. I spent quite a bit of time last year down at the bowling club, I'd wanted to paint Keswick cricket team, but every time I went down they were either playing away or the light was not good, or it was raining!!! Fitz park is a lovely sheltered old fashioned garden with tennis courts, bowling greens and even an ice cream van outside the gates. I was telling my friends Hilary and Andy over a glass of wine last night about the painting and they were sure they knew some of the characters that I'd painted, I tried to give each person a little bit of detail and personality. So now back to the real world the garden needs weeding!!


Teresa said...

Hello Jane!

So glad you stopped by my blog... because I then found yours!

I've thoroughly enjoyed browsing your art, photos and lovely comments. The Lake District...what a gorgeous subject to paint!

Your paintings are simply beautiful and I wish you luck in the exhibition.

Jason said...

Jane I love this bowling image you have posted on your blog. It's a little different in comparison to some of your other work being mainly landscapes. Just goes to show what a talented painter you are.

jane ward said...

Hi Jason, Thanks for the comment, it's great doing something different, I'm sure you get the same feeling with your photography