Friday, 20 March 2009

Living on the edge

Another beautiful day in the Lakes, I hope this sunshine lasts it just makes you feel so much better, even with a touch of cold ( not man flu) I've been busy with this painting for the last two days, spent most of yesterday sketching it out, most of the night thinking about how I was going to paint it and since lunchtime today painting it outside in the garden, there's been alot of thought and figuring out of colour and been scared of actually getting on with it. I suppose because it took so long to sketch and also I don't often paint this type of scene. So why 'living on the edge?' well because I have entered this painting into an exhibition opening 31st March at the Keswick Museum, I left it to the very last moment for sending in my entry form, but dare I say it 'I've got a good feeling about this painting' keep watching and lets hope the stress does not rise drastically!!! I've still got two places for 28th March two day watercolour workshop just get in touch if you fancy a bit of watercolour therapy it nearly beats retail!

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