Friday, 31 July 2009

Rydal Water painted in pastel

Misty morning, Rydal Water
Pastel on glass paper by Jane Ward
Really enjoyed getting the pastels out again, it's been awhile, but with all those gorgeous new colours to choose from it was great.I used to paint mainly with pastels but I've been trying out new techniques with watercolours and they are much cleaner to use! The immediacy of a pastel painting can give real confidence in your work.
Just been for my little run down to the lake, just to check it's still there! The sun was shining and there was lots and lots of puddles to negotiate. I saw a couple of butterflies landing on wild flowers a young girl smiling into her mobile phone and a old man showing his granddaughter the circles inside a tree stump. All these things made me feel happy, even though I was feeling knackered ( from the running)

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Unison Pastels demonstrated by Jane Ward

Here are my wonderful Unison pastels, that I bought yesterday, it's a shame to use them really!
But I couldn't wait to get my grubby pastel fingers on them, What to paint was the next question. I had thought Grasmere and was going to use one of the watercolours that I did last week. Rydal Water caught my attention, I've never really painted this view that I was pleased with! So with a watercolour that painted last week on site and some photo's that I took in November off we went. It was lovely getting the easel out and attaching some glass paper to a board, it's ages since I've worked with pastels and with those new shades winking it was a joy to work in the conservatory with the rain pounding on the roof, oh July weather!!

1st Stage2nd Stage

3rd Stage
This is where I have got to today, an artist friend laughs at the way I paint pastels teasing me about starting in the top left hand corner and working down and finishing in the bottom right.
Not sure if I will finish it tomorrow but I hope to this week so keep watching.

Monday, 27 July 2009

Happy Birthday Blog

Today as been a mad day!! my camera broke when we went to Italy, and today I've had a right old argument with the Insurance company, I hate any friction but sometimes you do feel like you have to stand up for yourself!! so what with been kept waiting on a phone to repetitive music for 40 minutes when I wanted to paint something magical for Blogs 1st birthday. But I did manage to get down to our local art shop which unfortunately is having a closing down sale and treated blog to some wonderful Unison pastels in all sorts of shades so watch out hopefully tomorrow for some pastel action!! But here is one I did earlier!

Buttermere from Gable

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Necessary Watercolour equipment for painting in the Lake District.

I've found the perfect umbrella for outdoor painting, it does look like a 70s icon but it's fantastic. I bought it off Keswick market for £2.50 a bargain not sure how long it will last, I will keep you posted!! It's been quite a week of weather up here in Cumbria, but we have managed to get out and do quite a lot of varied painting. The waterfall yesterday was spectacular at Rydal.

This is the view from the room we use to paint in at the Glenthorne, note the rain coming heavily down

Wild flowers at Rydal water

Oh by the way my blog is 1 year old on Monday I will have to think of something special

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Painting at Goody Bridge in Grasmere

This is a photo and a painting all in one of where we made our 1st base camp for my watercolour course in Grasmere. I called the course 'painting en plein' thinking that the weather in July should be perfect! Yesterday was pretty good, we where out of a cool breeze and the light on the bridge and post box were magical. I love the old steps and wonder how long they've been there. A few people went by on the route up Easedale Tarn one couple were quite amazed at what we had painted.They had stopped to chat on the start of their walk, we were just starting sketching and they returned from their long walk just as we were putting our last brushstrokes down.
Today has been a little different low cloud and horizontal rain. So I demonstrated trees, mist and water all from a nice dry studio. But tomorrow could see Umbrella painting!!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

The On- line Watercolour Evening Class

Yorkshire Poppy field painted in Oils
by Jane Ward
Here I am sitting in my exhibition at Moot Hall, it's been a real joy hearing what people have to say about my paintings, pastels have been admired which makes me want to get them out. I've had a few people in who have seen the articles in 'Leisure Painter' and it's great hearing feedback about what they thought. I had a lovely lady in who totally suprised me telling me she was 98 years old, I asked her what had helped her live to this ripe old age and how did she manage to look so good ' Cups of Tea' 'Egg and Chips' and best of all I think we should all do this 'Look on the bright side of life dear' she moved me to tears! I so believe in this, so I could be hammering away at a lap top in another 56 years time!!!
On another note check out for my new and very exciting venture for 'The Evening Class'

Friday, 17 July 2009

Obstructed viewing

Just a quick hello, after a busy week it's amazing how Friday afternoon can suddenly re energise you, and the thought of a glass of white chilled wine! I received this photo from Helen who joined us in Italy this year, it makes me laugh when I think back to our QUIET painting location. Where we were accompanied with the fruit seller and lots of locals buying fruit and veg. I love the way that two of my students are hunting in the background for a place to sit to see the view obliviously obstructed by strawberries, bananas and pomodori (tomatoes) I am trying not to laugh too much!!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Total Beginners watercolour course

Misty Morning, Ullswater
By Jane Ward
This is one of the paintings for my Total Beginners Watercolour On line course. I really enjoyed painting this. I took my time, used just four colours, changed the water at least 7 times, I wanted to keep the washes very pure with barely any brushstrokes showing. I also stretched my beloved Arches paper for a good ten minutes. Sometimes we do rush in 'where eagles dare' which is good but occasionally really thinking about where you are going to put the wash and what you want the wash to do can help. Anyway if you would like to have a go at this painting do check out my web site it's taken me years to figure out how to get the results I want in watercolours but I hope to push you in the right direction a little bit quicker.

Monday, 13 July 2009

How to paint mist in watercolour.

Out of the mist
I've been figuring out how to paint mist for along time in watercolours. I don't like using tissue to take out colour mainly because I think it takes out all of the colour and mist is a colour! So today I was feeling brave and with watercolour in one hand and a water spray in another off we went. I constantly kept changing the water pot ensuring it was always clean. I didn't mix many colours together keeping them pure and letting them mix themselves on the paper. At one point I was concentrating so much I nearly drunk the water pot instead of my cup of tea!!!

Friday, 10 July 2009

Palm trees in Palma

One of the many advantages of Summer is been able to paint later on an evening. Sitting relaxing on the sofa I kept thinking maybe I darkened the windows or lightened the trees, I know, and with that I had a lovely hour painting in daylight until after nine O'clock. I like to creep up on my painting when I think it's nearly finished, a little bit like Inspector Closeau in Pink Panther but without the moustache!! I often put the painting in the middle of the floor in the studio so when I'm passing I can have a quick glance. So a few brushstrokes were added this morning before breakfast and I think it's a wrap!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Painting titles

Well here I am sat in my favourite coffee shop 'Good Taste' due to the Internet still playing games and sulking about been turned off.I haven't quite got back into Lakeland painting, but wanting to paint, I got out some sketches and photo's that I did a couple of years ago in Palma, Majorca I've wanted to paint this for ages but was quite daunted about all the angles, balconies and people. Having gained a little more confidence on this subject in Italy I thought I would give it a whirl. Check out tomorrow for the finished painting!!! that's confidence for you!! oh and by the way I'm thinking of calling it Palm Trees in Palma

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Internet blues

Here I am back in Keswick, we had a wonderful time in Italy, the course went well it was great painting with such a nice group of people we had quite a few laughs along the way. Painting around Lake Iseo is a wonderful experience and something that I would truly miss. So this morning I have booked again for next year Sat 19th to 26th June 2010.We are going to keep numbers small again, so if you fancy coming along and experiencing this amazing place just get in touch.
The view above Rivalago towards the twinkling lights of Monta Isola

After the long drive back I was 'drive lagged' yesterday but today I felt more like it until the 'INTERNET' played up! It's amazing how you do come to take it for granted. Anyway it seems to be working now.