Wednesday, 24 February 2010

A tree for inspiration

This little tree 'is the one I spy with my little eye' from my art room, this was taken on Monday.
 This is today!
So this is where it starts! What shall I paint? It's the 1st time this year when I'm not on a deadline for a painting. So had a bit of a flick through photo's and sketches nothing jumped out, and so this little tree beckoned!

 The wet walk up through the wood, slipping and sliding, been amazed at how loud the little Robin could sing. Turning to catch a glimpse of the Lake. A touch of Cadmium yellow on the gorse.

Getting higher and the snow was getting deeper.
This is not a enhanced photo, it really was this dramatic.
And back to my little tree at the top from a different angle.
But was I inspired?

Of course

Thought this might make an interesting subject.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Tricks of the trade.

Just finished a watercolour  weekend, I had a lovely group of people, some students I already knew and some new faces. They were all so enthusiastic which makes makes me bounce!!! We all painted some lovely landscapes, a bit of tonal work, a touch of tree therapy and a fantastic Bluebell wood which was great fun.
It made me book up straight away another date for April 17th to 19th, I'm hoping the weather will be kind and we may get out to do a little outside painting in the glorious Lakes.
So today starts a new week and what have I planned, well lots of blogging I've had to be a little quiet on this front, some outside painting fingers crossed, an article to finish writing for 'Leisure painter'and lots of Online watercolour work.
I cleared my head 1st thing and went for a lovely walk through the wood and along by the stream, towards Walla Crag, looking back onto a partly iced Derwentwater and taking a detour to see the marvellous Clough Head. Here are some photo's so you can join in on the wonderful weather Keswick has had today.
This was what caught my eye 1st

Next came this, amazing how all the snow had melted apart from the laid back branch which held it selfishly.

This had me thinking, how come a dried up leaf can look so curvy.

Now the going got chilly, wishing scarfs and mitts had been brought along.

A detour well worth taking.

This reminds me of how much I love snowy mountain tops and crags.

Now this little blog is for Dad, who's fallen and hurt himself, wishing you were ambling along beside me

Friday, 19 February 2010

Weekend watercolours

Friars Crag reflected into Derwentwater
I Looked out of the windows this morning and the light was PINK, or there seemed a lovely pink glaze over the snow topped mountains. As I walked into Keswick I gazed longingly at Causey Pike and decided it was a definite pink light, I would have loved to have gone walking on the fells today, but catching glimpse's of them all day from the town centre, outside the post office and from the art room was the next best thing. I've been getting ready for tomorrows weekend watercolour course, thinking what to, figuring out some exciting secret watercolour tips and cleaning up my art gear so it's not embarrassed against the students lovely clean palettes.

Monday, 15 February 2010

A room with a view

It's good to be back in the world of 'blog' I've had a really busy couple of weeks moving house, emptying and filling box's and lots of cleaning. Even though we moved only 200 metres away it's still been quite a stressful time. But now it's done and it's great to be in the new pad. Here's the view out of the front dormer window from my art room and below is the back view. Skiddaw still has a touch of snow left on it's flank, and today felt like we could see fresh snow. I got the Acrylics out for a demo article for 'Leisure painter' which is due out in a couple of months, so I was on with that today and answering emails for the 'Online watercolour course'

Sunday, 7 February 2010

The art Bin

Just been reading an article in the Sunday paper, which makes me feel better, all about the 'ART BIN' .With our move looming and now positive on Tuesday after a very frantic week. I've had a good sort out of old paintings, I've taken some to Oxfam, but some poor others were taken to the refuge centre. I imagined maybe the skip men rummaging in and saving a 'Jane ward original' and taking it back home and hanging it up proudly. But watching them smash the frame, I nearly had to be held back and couldn't watch, even giving a little shriek. So reading about the 'ART BIN' where painting are given and ceremoniously taken and smashed into a bin knowing that there are Tracy's, Damian's and even a few Peter's in there makes me feel a little better. And further down the article it stated' to fail and understand a work isn't that actually good is a step towards self knowledge'  So there you go!! Now I am ready to produce some corkers of orignal paintings in a tidy, for a while art studio. Keep tunning in for photo's of new pad.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

The old pad.

Sitting here in one of my blogging places, which is right in front of the woodburner, feet up on chair, lap top resting on my knees and with cup of tea, oh and radio 2 playing. All this is about to change fingers crossed,  hoping to move house early next week. So as you can see from above, painting as stopped from today, my art room is boxed, tipped or Oxfamed.I think it shows what's high in priority paints, painting books, paper and pastels have all been boxed 1st. Looking in the room you can see still that un finished Autumn painting which I have promised 'Jenny' I will finish! I'm going to miss my art room, especially in Summer with the doors open, but sometimes it got a bright in there and in winter a touch chilly but it's been a lovely room.So I'll be hopefully showing you a new art studio soon, this time 2 floors up and with a different view. Luckily it's just round the corner, probably only 500 metres away!! So still in Keswick.