Friday, 17 March 2017

Create your own Bluebell Wood in watercolours.

A sunny Spring morning and a perfect day to demonstrate 
painting a Bluebell Wood in watercolours.

 Watercolour paper
A handful of brushes including a couple of riggers and a Hake or sft flat brush
Tubes of Cobalt Blue, Permanent or Opera Rose, Winsor Yellow or any bright Primary Yellow, Winsor Blue and a touch of Burnt Sienna.
Masking Tape or Fluid
 And a little inspiration to have hours of fun, creating your own Bluebell scene

Bluebell Walk painted in watercolours 
Size 20 x 10 inches.

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Monday, 13 February 2017

Lakeland oil demonstration

A Wednesday morning Demonstration in Keswick.
We started with a toned  yellow canvas, sat on the easel.
Portrait was decided.
Colours were kept to mainly primary
Ultramarine Blue, Crimson Alizaron, Winsor Yellow and white.
Some of my fellow artists were new to Oil paints, 
so a limited palette is much easier when beginning.

I applied a very small amount of Liquid Clear.
I don't always use this medium, but for the approach in this demo it would be ideal.

Ultramarine and Crimzon  was applied loosely into the sky.
Soft Yellow and White blended together to form atmospheric clouds in the sky.
These were all softened together with a large brush.
The class enjoyed this section and quoted 'it was quite a workout' on a cold Winter morning.

With a base of a sky painted giving a tonal range, mountains 
in the distant Borrowdale valley were then  applied.

Reflections and similar shades used in the sky were painted into the lake, 
softening with a large flat brush.
A few ripples are added in the foreground 
at the end of this very enjoyable Demonstration.

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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Winter sky Eden Valley

Winter Sky, Eden Valley

Painted in Watercolours

I look across this view each morning,
It fills me with delight,
to see it wrapped in a blanket of fresh snow.

I painted this with a limited palette of magical colours, Cobalt Turquoise being one.
Lots of white paper was left untouched. And no pre-sketching, just in with a brush loaded with paint.

Winter Sky, Eden Valley
Original watercolour 
Size 9 x 7 inches

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

French Doorway Watercolour tutorial.

French Doorway

Painted in watercolours

Learn the secrets of watercolour painting,  a typical French Doorway scene inspired in a truly beautiful rural French setting. A quiet Alpine village in Summer, Cow bells ringing in the valley, high mountain snow capped hills and sunny doorways full of  pots brimming with Geraniums. Logs are piled above the  Sunny doorway ready for the Winter snow. 

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