Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Easy steps to paint trees and water

Blea Tarn watercolour by Jane Ward

Just finished this watercolour of Blea Tarn for The Online watercolourcourse it's exciting working on some new projects. This study shows easy steps to paint 'trees' and 'water' and using a limited palette an ideal way  to improve colour mixing.
I once visited Blea Tarn very early in the morning, thinking the Langdale pikes would be beautifully reflected into the calm small tarn. It's quite a trek from Keswick to get to, so you can imagine I was little disappointed with the sun full on the pikes without not one shadow showing their wonderful shapes or even a slight reflection in the Tarn. The moral of the story is figure out the direction of sunlight before setting the alarm clock!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Walking in the snow at long last

I want to share this photo, I was delighted with it. The cold mist was floating amongst the trees, and then a hint of sunshine caught it. I just needed the Deer that I saw later on! Going in search of snow yesterday found us walking up 'Dodd' not the biggest fell around but amazing views. Pennines on one side to the hills of Scotland on the other Clear skies and no wind a perfect place for a sandwich and hot Chocolate on the summit to admire the Northern fells. The met office is forecasting cold but sunny weather for Cumbria, fingers crossed for some outdoor painting/sketching.

Towards the Helvellyn range from Dodd, I wonder if Ken's been up here!

Walking in the first snow of 2012

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Painting with an art group

Autumn Morning, Derwentwater

I had a great day with the Mungisdale art group yesterday. We worked through a step by step of the painting above, what's exciting to see is the different styles and interpretation of every ones work. I also gave a brief talk about opaque and transparent colours, I feel it makes a difference to understanding the magical watercolour medium. In 'Autumn Morning' we only used mainly primary transparent colours which enabled us to give many washes and glazes without creating muddy colours. Creating a cool and warm palette can also help when painting distance, using Cobalt Blue helped to portray distant fells. Knowing how watercolours react and what they can achieve I feel helps enormously with positive painting.

I have one place left on Watercolour weekend for beginners Saturday 18th and 19th February if you would like more information email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Fabriano Hot pressed and Daniel Smith watercolours

Apples 1
Apples was the subject for my Wednesday monthly class. A real change from landscapes and quite challenging but above all fun. Fabriano hot pressed watercolour paper was used, I must say I was pleased with how it reacted to the intense watercolours, Daniel Smith Gamboge also came up trumps, I only have a few shades of these gorgeous watercolours but will certainly be adding to them in the future. Apples 1  was painted quickly as a practise run. Then Apples (2) I demonstrated to the class on Wednesday morning. Everyone had brought some fruit in and the results were excellent. I think it's a  good idea to set up a still life, when the weather is not suitable for outdoor painting or you just need something different to paint. We all get caught up in our safety blankets and sometimes trying something new opens doors to new creativity.

Apples 2

The sunset on Wednesday over Keswick certainly caught my attention, I wonder what shades to use, maybe Naples yellow, blending into gamboge a touch of permanent rose and which blue? Maybe Pthalo or even Ultramarine!

Monday, 16 January 2012

Catbells a perfect walk from Keswick

Beautiful sunny weather over the weekend, had my scrambling and slipping up Catbells.
It's a great walk for anyone staying in Keswick and gives wonderful views towards Skiddaw, on Saturday
the coast and Solway was in clear view. Looking towards Derwentwater on the left was sunny and bright but not really a painting scene. On the right hand side down into Newlands Valley cool frosty blues and yellow greens where the sun was warming the frost away, the distant misty fells of Buttermere just help to make this more of a painting.

Newlands from Catbells

Ard Crags and Causey Pike from Catbells, these well named fells are

'Ard to get up and can Causey a little scramble to the top pike'
 Looking back to Catbells from Latrigg

Friday, 6 January 2012

Buttermere inspired by George Harrison

Buttemere painted in watercolours 
Size 14.5 x 6.5 inches unframed
For Sale £95.00
Just finished Buttermere watercolour, I so enjoyed painting this on Two Rivers paper
using a very limited palette of three primary colours.
Listening to George Harrison playing 'All things must pass'  fantastic to paint along to
and a beautiful Album.
To purchase this watercolour email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bluebell Wood Signed Print

What a difference the sunshine makes, the met office suggested that we may see three hours of sun today and we did. Walking through Keswick today people stopped and noted the Blue sky. I even noticed some bulbs showing  through the damp soil. This painting below may be not that far away!

Bluebell Wood
This painting looks fantastic as a Canvas print 

by Jane Ward
Canvas Print , Size 24 x 16 inch
Price £95.00 includes Postage & Packing in the UK

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Dare I say 'Dire Damp Day' in Keswick

The resolutions are still on track, mind looking out of my art room, see above it's been
another 'Dire Damp Day' But I've stayed inspired. Mind I've not been over the doorstep yet!
Good indoor painting weather, music on, heating on, plenty of coffee and away you go.

This is my latest Online watercolour project, it's a great one to follow and using a limited palette with some great tips and techniques included. If you would like to sign up and do the Online Watercolour course of six projects for £45 just let me know and I'll send you the 1st one to get started. Perfect for these Dire Damp Days

And if those Dire Damp days get too much, there is nothing like a painting holiday in Italy
to look forward to I've a few places left on 23rd to 30th June. Blue skies, warm sunshine, perfect lapping water to paint beside and Italian food, what more can I say just get in touch lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hippy happy New year from Keswick

Happy New year to everyone, lets hope its a good one. I always feel quite excited at the prospect
of a new year. I've stretched some watercolour paper so ready for whatever is going to inspire!
Maybe not the weather, today and the last two weeks in Keswick has been pretty dire, no walking in snow covered fells or teetering on the ice. It's been let's battle against the winds and driving rain.
But let's hope not for long! Do I make resolutions? Of course I do
Every year to loose weight, get fitter and try and cut down on Red wine, Chocolate and Coffee
These usually go out the window before the 1st week of January!
This years
Be inspired,stay inspired, and open my mind to new ideas and adventures. Make dreams come true. 
I'll keep you posted on how they go along, it could be exciting times.

Barrow on Boxing Day

Skiddaw about 4.15pm today

From a blustery, no it was, I think pretty gale force at the top of Latrigg
looking towards Derwentwater.