Sunday, 29 September 2013

Morning mist, Samoens

Morning mist, Samoens

Painted in watercolours
 Size 27 x 19 inch unframed
For Sale

I fancied having a go at painting this big beautiful view over a year ago, when we stayed at Chalet365.
Been in Samoens for the last few months and seeing the changing weather and moods is great for painting.

Walking up the lane this week with a valley of cloud inversion, I knew what I had to paint.
I sat and gazed and took a few photo's did a quick sketch, worked out some colour ideas and swatches
and then raced back to start the painting. Working on such a large scale is very daunting but fantastic to capture a big view like this.

If you would like to paint in watercolours for a week staying at Chalet 365 Samoens, French Alps
I am organising a weeks painting holiday from 30th August 2014 

For more information on 'Morning Mist' or painting holidays 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

A walk to Refuge de Sales

Walking towards the waterfalls of Cascade de Sales  we had already passed Cascade de la Sauffaz  on this stunning walk to Refuge de Sales. The track skirts through the gorges with breathtaking views all around. The late September colours are softer with less Green around, more ochres and the shadows are so intense I kept seeing painting locations all the way.

Looking back down the valley into the shade, with a lovely pointed mountains in the distance and a touch of snow.

What a view, but watch your step.I'm lovely the way the light hits the rocks.

Once out of the gorge we come to the flat pastures and the chalets of Sales.We could'nt believe that cattle grazed up here and wondered how they got here! Surely not up the path. In the early 18th century up to 500 animals where kept up here.The wifes and children lived here from early July to September, milking the cows and making Butter and Cheese. 

Apart from a few walkers we just had a couple of camera shy Marmots for company.

Looking back down the gorge and also back up

Cascade de la Pleureuse, nearly bathed in light.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Lake Iseo Boats

The Pink Church at Sensole painted in watercolours
For sale

Here are just a few paintings that I captured last week at Lake Iseo.
There is nothing quite like sitting in the sunshine painting this beautiful lake, and the light at this time of the year was just wonderful.

Italian Moorings painted in watercolours
For Sale 

The yellow buoy
painted in watercolours

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Painting the pink church

The early morning ferry took us across to  Monte Isola. If I say it was like a mill pond this gives you an idea of how beautiful the ferry ride was. Cameras captured the reflections, orange and blue houses, pretty boats seductively bobbing when the ferry arrives at sensole.
Walking past pomegrante trees, kiwi and grapes hanging high above, all laiden heavy with ripe fruits.
Olive trees give welcome shade, tiny lizards scuttle for cover. The  views give delight to artists ready with brushes and a palette full of pastel shades.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Monte Isola

<p>A beautiful stroll along the lake edge. A cobalt blue sky and silver olive trees lightly blowing in the warm breeze. We spot the village of Sensole pink, ochre and warm orange houses jostle for space. Turquoise and soft Emerald waters lap below The scene is set for a watercolour adventure. The paints come out and the magic begins. Local Italians on the passagato give calls of bene and bravo. What a magical place for the artists to spend a few hours.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Morning sketch

I write this from the lapping shore at lake iseo and share my morning sketch. It's truly wonderful to be back, the views are heavenly the lakes turquoise clear water looks  inviting to paint and swim in. The warm sunshine and mellow atmosphere suggest an inspiring place for my artists to paint next week I think we are in for a real Italian treat.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Color card in watercolours

A few years ago, one summers afternoon I had an idea to do a colour card
Sorry it's a little chewed around the edges, but it goes out in all weathers on location.

You may wonder why it occupanys me on painting jaunts
Well it's ideal for figuring out what shades to use.
I have a band vertically of the colours I often used and then above the colours are wrote in pencil
Each colour is mixed with every shade.
Mainly primaries with just one green at the bottom.
It's good for figuring out Opaque, Transparent, semi transparent these are also wrote in pencil down the chewed off edge!!
By mixing just two shades of primaries helps to keep the colours from turning to mud!
And we all want beautiful colours in our paintings.

Why not sit down one afternoon, it doesn't need to be Summer, you will need plenty of clean water and you will be surprised at the mixing shades you will obtain.

My palette when I did this was
Transparent Yellow
Indian Yellow
Naples Yellow
Raw Sienna
Permanent rose
Quinacrindone red
Cad Red
Winsor blue
Burnt Sienna
Raw Umber
Phlalo Green

If you fancy learning a few more watercolour tips 
and ideas I do an online watercolour course with lots of personal feedback
or just send me an email for more info

Sunday, 8 September 2013

A painting week in the French Alps

Mont Blanc from Joux Plane

What a fantastic week of painting, wonderful company, amazing views, sunshine and blue skies every day and staying at the best chalet in the French Alps.

Painting each day at beautiful and truly spectacular locations. Mont Blanc sparkled in sunshine all day, the ride was dramatic leaving the valley bottom passing through farming hamlets with Cows and bells.

A chalet day and the view shouted to be painted but pretty windowsills and hanging baskets with shadows of blues caught the  brushes attention. Everyday Allie baked fresh cakes that would have won easily 'The great British bake off'

An evening at Tornalto was enjoyed and then we had to paint this pretty local restaurant after a walk around the French market stalls.

Roc d' Enfer from Lake Montriod 

A drive to the emerald lake of  Montriod  walking round the shore was totally inspiring colours of Winsor Blue and Cobalt Turquoise were identified.

Lac Montriod painted in watercolours

Emerald waters

A table set for an artist.

A morning in Samoens and a bicycle was spotted with a basket full of Geraniums.

Bicycle Basket painted in watercolours

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Painting Mont blanc

Can't believe this is my 6oo post on this blog
What an amazing  place to talk  about, views like this don't show themselves everyday and what a joy to share with  fellow artists
I'd love to take the oil paints next time and paint on a great big canvas