Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Magic of London

The changing the guard at .......

Zucchero at Royal Albert Hall

Big Ben

Just had a couple of days in the big city, did the usual sight seeing, walked miles and miles and went to the Tate. http://www.independent.co.uk/multimedia/dynamic/00560/53visrev1_560234s.jpg Here is a link to one of my favourite paintings by Arthur Melville in the 'Waterclour Exhibition' it might suprise you! I loved the flow of the watercolour medium, unbelievable depth of colour, very simple and not at all overworked, just beautiful.Others I liked, Gearge Robson Fennel had a dramatic mountainscape from the Isle of Skye, which again the depth of watercolour was stunning, Walter Langley had the most beautiful portrait of two women http://newlynschoolpainters.blogspot.com/2010/04/walter-langley-but-men-must-work-and.html
But these links don't the paintings justice. Of course Turner made me stand and stare for many happy moments and seeing his palettes and half finished ' Fountains Abbey' was again pure joy.
We also saw Zucchero my favourite Italian band at Royal Albert Hall which was fabulous and he played lots off his new album and many favourites but hearing him sing Miserere with Pavarotti singing on a screen was magical

One quick note I was pleased to see the Cumbrian Fells, I'm not a city girl.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Carzone un piccolo borgo

Carzone, Italian Lakes

Gosh I really have painted a entire hamlet or 'Borgo' in Italian. Full imperial size paper did help, I learnt a few new techniques along the way.But overall I'm really pleased, it looks great in the frame.
I've sat for many a happy hour in the little square in front of the small pink house, sometimes sharing it with the fruit seller, watching the mopeds whizz round the corner, usually ladies carrying shopping home. It's quite a knack having at least four bags of shopping on a vespa.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Carzone, Monta Isola

Stage 1 watercolour of Carzone on Monta Isola full imperial size

Stage 2 starting to get there, but much more needed!

Gosh I really do feel like I've painted a full village, thought I'd show you how it's coming along!
Still needs lots of work, I've those bushes in the front to chop down, a  couple of fresco's to paint on the church, and that's before trying to sort out the Lake. I'll keep you posted on this special tiny hamlet.
Tried to google it but nothing came up, so I'll just tell you what I know.
Carzone is a tiny village on Monta Isola  in Lake Iseo. The ferry runs frequently from Sale Marasino, there are a couple of small trattoria's, a small cafe to watch the world go by. I think there are two churches and a fruit seller that comes on Wednesday and Fridays. Oh can't forget the little boy playing football with an Italian football shirt and GOLD trainers.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Bluebell Walk in pastels

Bluebell Walk painted in Pastels
Just finished this Bluebell Walk painted on Fisher 400 paper.
Having spent all week out painting and looking at trees I really enjoyed putting the finishing touches to this piece.A weather update for the Lakes 'Dismal' I can just see Latrigg, which declares visibility is not good!
So 'Zucchero' cd is blaring out and Sketching  a new Italian vista.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Bluebells at Rydal

Just had a wonderful four days painting around Grasmere and Rydal. The weather? well we had it all within the 1st hour thunder. lightening and hail! Umbrella's were never left behind again! Sunshine, showers and wind for the other three days, but my intrepid artists never complained, and produced some stunning paintings. Luckily we had a great room to work in, when the showers became to heavy for watercolours! A big thank you for a very inspiring week.
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Thursday, 5 May 2011


Sensole, Monta Isola 
Not big, nor loud not even famous just magical, a place that enters your heart.
Painted in watercolours, on a full imperial sheet.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Two days in Boot

Wainwright paid it perhaps the ultimate accolade, stating that "Not many fells can be described as  beautiful but the word fits Harter Fell, especially so when viewed from Eskdale'. Fifty years later the view is still beautiful. A real classic view,walking in this area of the Lakes reminded me of Scotland much wilder and more remote. We passed only one family all day, even on 'Good Friday'.
The walk took us from Boot scrambling up a small gorge, joining a path and walking what seemed like away from the summit and then a real craggy rocky top, that needed another scramble to the very top.
I love this view down to Devoke Water, catching warm pink, evening light. Time for a quick sketch on the top of Green Crag, after a soggy wet ramble over the heather from Harter Fell.
A wonderful meal at the Boot Inn, we were ready for another day of Sunshine, and a walk up Whin Rigg. Again Wainwright kept me inspired and led me to another classic viewpoint. A  dramatic drop  down to Wastwater

Wastwater below

You certainly didn't want to hang around long, especially with a strong wind blowing. Another top Illgill Head and then a walk down to Burnmoor Tarn, 3rd largest  Tarn in The Lakes. It sits at the base of Scafell in a great expanse of grass and heather a rather stern and barren Tarn!

Here was our delightful camping spot beside the gurgling beck.