Sunday, 29 April 2012

A walk through Big wood

With a sunny break in this horrible weather we are having, I had a delightful inspiring walk through 
'Big Wood'. The Bluebells are out in flower and the spring greens are so rich and pretty. 'Pretty ' is a strange word to describe green leaves and grass but I think it is perfect. 
I've a massive canvas that is sitting in my art room looking blank and white. I keep wondering what to paint and after watching the David Hockney programme I really do fancy having a go at 'Big Wood'
I will keep you up dated .
Toward St Johns with Barf in the background and plenty of Dandilions 

More spring greens with a dark looming Causey Pike 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Painting beside Derwentwater

Here are a few photo's from Sunday's painting day beside Derwentwater. Despite threatening rain issued from the dear Met Office. Sunday turned out to be a fantastic day for some outdoor painting. The workshop began inside on Saturday with many techniques, demonstrations and tips for painting in the big outdoors. We were all then prepared for some wonderful painting, I know many quiet spots for viewing these magnificent views and so we relaxed, listened to the woodpeckers, watched the geese fly low overhead and just enjoyed taking in the scene and painting in watercolours.

If you fancy joining me my next outdoor painting weekend is Sat 9th and 10th June, I only have small groups of up to 6 people so book early.

Friday, 20 April 2012

On the Rocks

'On the Rocks'
Painted in Watercolours using Winsor Blue and touches of Viridian, I really enjoyed painting this seascape. 
I find that it is good to push yourself and paint something different once in a while. 
This is also one of my new projects in the Online Watercolour Course
  If you fancy joining its £65 for six individual projects, you'll find more details at

I'm looking forward to the weekend workshop, we are indoors on Saturday learning techniques and then putting it all into action on Sunday on the shores of Derwentwater, fingers crossed for sunny weather.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Painting on the shores of Ullswater

Friday 13th lived up to it's name. I had a disagreement with an Onion and a knife! And the Onion won! So with a still bandaged middle finger I write this blog. But luckily it was my left hand finger, so painting as not come to a complete standstill. 
I had a quick visit to Ullswater to see if the Daffodils were still out in flower, but just missed them, so found a sunny corner out of the cool wind and took in the view below. The light in the Lakes is quite beautiful at the moment and with the Trees all starting to come into bud, it really is looking great for painting outdoors. 

If you fancy this weekend 21st and 22nd April beginners watercolours on the shores of Derwentwater 
Check my web site for more details

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Red Boat on Windermere

'Red Boat on Windermere'

Wonder if you can tell what the weather has been like in the Lake District over Easter?
Yes, it has been a touch grey, but it can still look inspiring. With fresh snow this morning on the tops and more forecast through the week, I could be painting another monochrome with  maybe Red Umbrella! This could be that start of my 'A tiny Dash of colour period'

This is one of the six  projects on the Online watercolour course

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Painting in Borrowdale with snow showers

Here are a few photographs from  'Scafell painting course' the weather was certainly very different but my truly intrepid artists were so enthusiastic. Not all of us ladies dared to cross the stepping stones, but John showed how it was done and I'm pleased to say there was no wet feet.

The trees are just coming into bud but you can't quite make out the snow capped mountains from here.
We did find a lovely warm sunny spot at Grange to  sketch and paint the bridge. 

Ashness bridge was a little chilly but the famous little bridge did get a few photographs for future painting projects. The Silver birches and boulders caching the light and interesting shadows.

We watched the Blue Tits and  Robins from the warmth of Mary Mount with Hot Chocolates warming our hands.

The hamlet of Stonethwaite was a real joy to capture in warm sunshine with Herdwicks and lambs, Snow covered Eagle Crag and Mrs Jackson's cosy tea room with fresh Ginger bread.

Feeding tome for Herdwicks

With temperatures dropping from 26 degrees to 2 degrees in a week you certainly needed many layers on. 
Sylvie from Paris did not let this stop her from creating some beautiful atmospheric paintings, the photo above does not show the snow landing on her colour sketch!

But even with the weather been a little harsh, Borrowdale was a joy to paint 
with many subjects to capture and with wonderful students to share it with.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Surprise Sunday

My first four day painting holiday at the Scafell Hotel in Borrowdale starts tomorrow. So this morning I thought I would just check that the scenery was looking good for my intrepid artists.The first stop was Surprise view with views towards Bassenthwaite and beyond, the lake was calm and beautiful.

 Next stop was a walk around Stonethwaite. A lovely old hamlet full of character, white washed buildings dwarfed by towering Eagle crag, chickens running round and new born lambs with snuggling up to Mothers and best of the sound of the woodpecker.  

Onto Rosthwaite and a lovely walk down to the stepping stones passing these three cuties  with Glaramara  showing warm Ochres and Burnt Sienna.

Finishing with a coffee at the Flock- In
.So fingers crossed this nasty cold front that is threatening to make its appearance in The Lake District 
keeps away.