Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Heaton Cooper Sketch books

Crossed off another Wainwright over the weekend, Beda Fell number 178 only 35 left. I can't begin to tell you what a great way this is to get to know and see the Lake District. We needed the compass for this one, as the top was unclear, so unclear that the sandwiches were eaten on what we thought was the top only to figure out that we still had another 20minutes along the ridge! It was glorious walking, the warm sun was out, dry underfoot and not many people!
I fancy having a go at painting the view above, it reminds me of a classic 18th century Lake District oil,  the small Lake is Brotherswater.

Daffodils near Ullswater, they're out!!

I had a little wrecky at Grasmere today, went to Heaton Cooper and ordered the 10% off cards for next weeks course, walking out couldn't resist  handling a few sketch books, sad artist tendencies!  Onto the Glenthorne to double check everyone is booked in for next week, which they are thank goodness! I then found this view up a little track that opened out onto the whole of the Dunmail/ Grasmere valley, I've a few people coming that have been before and do like to try and get them to new locations, I thought this could work quite well especially with a tea garden nearby

Friday, 23 April 2010

Rydal Waterfall

Rydal Waterfall in Watercolour

What a week, Watendlath, Stockley Bridge still unfinished and now Rydal waterfall bit different to the Trevi fountain, which is what I thought I would be painting! But eh ho the weather looks good here in the Lakes and it's a gorgeous time of the year to get out walking. I tried some different techniques out on the waterfall, I worked off sketches and unfinished paintings!! I've a course at Grasmere in a week and I'm sure we will be visiting this dramatic waterfall, not sure if the Bluebells are out yet!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Stockley Bridge, Seathwaite

Last year my Magnolia started to flower on 1st April, today is 22nd and there are still lots of tight little buds.

Couldn't resist this Geranium on the market today, reminds me of Italy!

Having another go with the Daler Rowney Acrylics, I love them! They don't dry too  fast, nice and juicy and the colours dry nice and bright.
Stockley Bridge in Seathwaite, I've had a bit of a fascination about this bridge, it's a about 30 minutes walk up one of the most dramatic valleys in Cumbria  from the car. I've spent numerous days sketching sat in the middle of  the gushing river, other days trying to catch the light before it disappears for the day.My method of madness here is working complementary colours as a base!
 I've not finished yet, but pleased with how it's coming on.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Watendlath a beautiful painting location!

'Wat' Bliming 'endlath'!!
Not at one with the painting today, maybe it's the scene, Watendlath is a beautiful if twee hamlet in the Lakes, about 6 miles up a very windy tiny road from Keswick. Fantastic flapjack and Gingerbread is sold at the tiny tea room, Prince Charles opened the little packhorse bridge, even wild ponies and pet pigs try to pinch walkers sandwiches. It really is a lovely place to spend some time. Maybe it's the Rome thing, and hearing still about people marooned in far flung places, listening to the radio about the Ark Royal going to the rescue brought a tear to the eye!!Will give myself a gentle prod with my paint brush and hope to produce something wonderful in the next couple of days.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Watercolour Weekend Gallery

Watercolour Weekend for Beginners Gallery
Here you can see what five ladies and I  got up to this weekend. It is such a joy to teach people to paint when they are so keen and enthusiastic. We started on Saturday with the middle row a misty Derwentwater, finishing this and straight into Daffodils at Ullswater, this was finished on Sunday along with the a dramatic Sharp Edge. It's amazing how personal styles come through, we all used the same colours, but all quite different. It was a great course.

It's been a very strange time with all the Volcano news, looking out of the skylight this morning you can see a very thin layer of dark dust particles, we were supposed to be flying to Rome on Thursday, I was hoping to bring you paintings of the Trevi Fountain. But my heart is not wanting to go, hearing all the stories about people stuck all over the world and trying to make their way back, my brother and family are out in America,I've offered to get the canoe out!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Daler Rowney Acrylics demonstration

Now where is this heading? I'm having a go with Daler and Rooney acrylics who have very kindly given me some of their Acrylics I've never used the Heavy bodied before so the old pallette knife came out for a play. I'm quite impressed with them, they remind me of Oils, but with the added bonus of drying quicker.

Starting to take a bit of shape, why did I lay the Red down you may ask? Well I'm thinking of what colour will be in this area and what's the complimentary? I often find that putting a underbase helps.

Bluebell Wood

Nearly finished, it's getting close to that time of the year.
I would recommend these Acrylics they were lovely to work with and I only used primary colours
2 Blues, 2 Yellows and two Reds + Burnt Sienna and some White.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Waterfront Residence

What a difference a few days makes with Cumbrian weather walking in snow on Thursday with hat and gloves! 7.30am this morning, the sun was shinning brightly through a gap in the curtains, I wondered what the lake would be like. So a gentle little run with camera of course, and what a beautiful morning. The lake is often very still 1st thing, but usually by 9 am its ruffled up and no reflections until later in the day. Signs of spring were everywhere Blossom on trees, wood sorrel peeping through, I even saw some Primroses. One of the things I love most the sounds of birds singing, a soltary wild goose honking loudly on the lake, a woodpecker, two for good luck magpies and even a shy Oyster catcher.

Not quite finished yet but thought I'd let you see how I was getting on with 'Waterfront residence' in watercolour, bet you can guess where it's from?

Friday, 9 April 2010

Yorke, Il Bell, Frostwick and The Tongue

What strange words these are, Yorke, Il Bell, Frostwick and The Tongue they could be characters out of 'Lord of the Rings' but no they are four 'Wainwright fell tops' all achieved in a round 10 mile walk. We left the car without jackets and enjoying warm Spring weather. Before we reached the first fell jackets were on and the wind was picking up.

Yorke summit looking down to Windermere.
Along the ridge to Il Bell in Snow! The Woolly hat was on, with hood fastened tightly and sunglasses put back in bag! But notice the smile, it felt invigorating to be back on the fells with the weather closing in. Dark threatening clouds with glimpses of light on dramatic ridges, good the mind and this artists inspiration!
The first time I've seen Kentmere a solitude Lake or is it a Tarn!
Now I packed my sketchbook and paints for this sunny adventure hoping for a quick picture at the top, but as you can see here on Il Bell there was no views apart from the 'Pea Soup'
No walk in the Lakes would be complete without seeing a cuddly Herdwick.
A near perfect finish, a pub at the end, but a pint of beer and Coco Cola coming to £7.30!
You can tell I'm from Yorkshire

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Buttermere Watercolour

It's been a bit grey in the Lakes over Easter and rather chilly. The is  snow left in a few places on the tops and Daffodils starting to show some shades of Yellow. I've had a few days off painting, but itching to get back to it today. But I do realise how much the weather as an influence on me. I'm painting grey, rainy skies. Started on this small watercolour of Buttermere, see above this was before it took a dunking in the sink. I then thought lets just throw some painting on, and see what happens!!

So this is what happened, I'm going to have another go this week maybe try Acrylics!!

Easter Monday down by the lake wrapped in two jackets, hat and gloves with stormy skies and gale force winds, good Bank holiday weather.
I'm back on Radio Cumbria in about 5 minutes not sure how it's going to sound, I was really nervous!!