Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Analogous colours

So back to 'The church in Newlands' I really enjoyed the challenge of painting this and looking at 
Analogous colours,  these are colours that lie next to one another on the colour wheel. 
I made myself a quick colour wheel using 3 primaries and then mixed each one approx 12 times with a little of the colour primary next to it. I then cut a shape out which showed the gap of 12 shades and one of the complementary.
I enjoy looking at the design and colour mixing and know there is so much more to understand, but do think it helps to give confidence to all kinds of painting.
I'm quite happy with my painting of the Church, but know there is loads wrong, it was a subject that I've not tackled for a long time, but I'm now looking forward to having another go. I also fancy having a go in pastels or even oils

I managed a quick painting en plein yesterday, with the weather milder it was a perfect introduction to 2012 outdoor painting sessions. It was a lovely section of river near Grange,  but best of all can you see the buds on the trees. I really felt inspired by the David Hockney programme this week and all it made me want to do is 'get out and paint'

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Monday, 27 February 2012

Newlands Church in Little Town

I'm having a go at painting this beautiful scene in Newlands valley, the church dates back to the 16th century
In 1840, the church was in a rundown state the curate John Monkhouse  and raised funds to rebuild the structure and to add a school with the of cost £37!
William Wordsworth was so impressed by his first glimpse of the church through half-opened leaves that he wrote the poem, "Ode To May" and Beautrix Potter stayed nearby and painted it amongst the trees in 'Tales of Mrs Tinglewinkle'

The sketch is done, the colours chosen, the sponge at the ready for foliage, lets see how it transpires tomorrow.

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Springtime is just around the corner

 I love snowdrops and with the sun shinning on these little flowers, I feel that Spring is just round the corner.
So with this in mind, I couldn't resist painting the scene below, I've called it Springtime, Ullswater painted on Arches paper. 

Springtime, Ullswater
Watercolour by Jane Ward
Price £295.00 framed and mounted.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

A painting holiday in France

Here is a little more information about Samoens Painting holiday in the French Alps. There are three places left just waiting to be filled by a keen landscape painter, be he or she a beginner or accomplished.
Sunday 2nd September, a transfer from Geneva airport taking just over an hour will find you at Chalet 365 Samoens, ready to enjoy a week of painting in stunning Alpine scenery. 
Each day spent in different locations, A waterfall, flower meadow, market scene oh and a breathtaking view towards Mont Blanc will all be captured. Evenings are always relaxed with meals in local restaurants,  bistro's and a couple of easy nights at the Chalet relaxing over a glass of wine.
So if you fancy coming along please get in touch for more details send me an email

Chalet 365 Dinning area

Relaxing in one of the two lounges

An Alpine flower meadow 

Le Criou Samoens

Look forward to painting with you there

Friday, 17 February 2012

Painting in the French Alps

I'm very excited to tell you about a painting holiday in the French Alps. We will be staying in Samoens one of the prettiest towns in the French Alps. Our luxurious base will be at Chalet 365 here is a link for a quick peak, don't you just love the photograph of the Cows! I can't wait to be painting this with you.
We will only be a small group of eight artists, but with room for a couple of places for non painting husbands and wifes who enjoy a spot of walking or cycling with Nigel on hand for more exhilarating hobbies!
With the luxurious chalet all to ourselves,nestled in stunning Alpine scenery and with views towards Mont Blanc, Mountain lakes and Alpine meadows filled with flowers all waiting to be painted
With six places left if you would like your name popped on the list, please get in touch asap email
Sunday 2nd to Sunday 9th September 2012
This course is suitable for beginners and Intermediates. Price includes Sunday transfer from Geneva airport, luxury bed and breakfast in an ensuite room and five evening meals in local resturaunts.Single supplement £60.Flights and Insurance are not included.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Six petals and a Choir boy collar trumpet.

Here is Daffs number four. It's not right nor not finished, but I'm hoping it's all good practise
Teaching on Wednesday these little beauties had centre stage. I started warming up on Tuesday, but after three failed attempts, it was not positive thoughts I had! Giving myself a severe shake, and declaring their charm I should not feel threatened by six petals and a choir boy collar trumpet!
I was delighted with my fellow artists paintings, as Spring  filled the room with Tulips, Iris, Daffs and Primroses.But I left feeling a touch deflated these little devils had got the better of me! The Daffs that is!
Back to the drawing board, and try another manoeuvre, and this is today's outcome. I've realised a few points!
1. Flowers are certainly a hard subject to master
2. Flowers, I feel need a slightly different approach to landscape painting.I did this in one seating trying to keep a wet in wet approach throughout.
3. Flowers don't answer back!
4. Rome wasn't conquered in a day.

But saying all this it really is joyful painting a still life

Monday, 6 February 2012

Watercolours on Derwent Island

Living on Derwent Island must be amazing, the views are superb from the gardens and the house.
It always feels an unbelievable special place, but I'm sure at times can be a little tasking on day to day life!
Clearing the ice to get to the car, you can see takes a little work!!
I'm delighted to announce a painting day on Derwent Island for July 21st.
For those that have been before I don't need to tell you how wonderful an experience it is.
Here is a little taste
We arrive at the private jetty and are taken across to the peaceful boathouse, with bags of paints and paper walking through the gardens to start the day with coffee and a guide of the house. At leisure we then find numerous painting locations and have great difficulty choosing where to start this wonderful day. One could be 'the Italian terrace, or garden, drawing room or simply beside the lake.......... I'm going to leave it there because I don't want to tell you everything or spoil the secret delights of Derwent Island.
Just get in touch quickly if you fancy coming on

Friday, 3 February 2012

Rusty Old Fence

Rusty Old fence, Watercolour
Size 7 x 13 inches

Well the gauntlet was down, here is the quick study I did after been inspired by a rusty
old fence this morning.
It may not be your typical subject matter, but I so enjoyed the challenge.
For me this is what art is all about 'been inspired'
You may wonder what Number One art crytic thinks! He still thinks I'm mad! But admits it is a lovely painting!

I've recently read this book, and throughly enjoyed it.

Is a rusty old gate a painting? Or not

The freeze is starting, it's quite surprising how quick it happens, one day was all it took!
I don't think these are paintings, I like to think arty photographs!

Catbells in the distance with a dusting of snow on the top, I wonder if more is coming, the met office says 'yes'

Why do I like this old fence? Guess what, this is what I would like to have a go at painting!
Oil maybe or even watercolour, I like the cool and warm colours and the shafts of  light catching the Ochre grasses.But then you do think commercially 'bills need to be paid' who would want an old fence? If this inspires and you feel the need to paint it, just do it! One of my favourite Monet paintings is 'The Magpie' which is quite an unusual subject, I feel he was just inspired!
My number one painting critic has just looked over my shoulder, and declared 'Are you mad? what are you doing with a photograph of a scabby old gate covered in mess ( not quite his words, but you can guess!)
Umm............  Do I prove him wrong and make it a piece of art, or is he right

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Buying watercolour paper

I'm pleased to report that we still have beautiful if somewhat chilly weather here in the Lakes.
Driving down to Heaton Cooper for 'Arches paper' could not be more picturesque. Somehow I'm not sure why? But the mountains look more imposing and awesome with snow settled on their flanks!
Does a mountain have a 'flank you may ask! well the Definition is

1. flank, the side of an animal or a person between the ribs and hip.
2. flank, a cut of meat from the flank of an animal
3. flank the side of anything. I think we can include Mountains!!
4. flank the extreme right or left side of an army or fleet.

Getting back to my visit to Heaton Cooper, I had two quick artistic stops on the way, each one risked getting a parking ticket! But lady luck was on my side for once.
1st stop into the car park at the foot of Helvellyn, a quick jog to get the view below, I noted that if my hands were too cold for photographs, sketching was out today! Also the parking ticket was on my mind


Bright sunshine leading the way up Helvellyn

2nd stop of the day could not resist a peak at the Langdales, risked life and limb over the Grasmere/ Elterwater pass, but for some reason seeing 'a view' makes it nearly all worth while.

After the excitement buying the watercolour paper, I couldn't settle without a quick sketch. From Friars Crag the Jaws of Borrowdale takes some beating with the last rays catching a near Alpine glow.I never feel the cold while sketching it's always walking back, that images of hot chocolate come into my thoughts! 

The sun going down behind Catbells.
                    So the moral of the story 'go with for inspiration but don't get a parking ticket