Saturday, 29 December 2012

Painting holiday in Italy 2013

An artists dream

Monte Isola

Sulzano and the Rivalago

It's the time of the year for looking forward to new painting inspirations and ideas.
Sitting in my studio on a  grey winters day.There is nothing better than the thoughts of outdoor Spring and Summer painting locations filled with sunny days and lots of colour.

Thinking of a painting holiday in Italy, you might wonder what it would be like?

A stunning hotel based on the quiet lake shore, with views that any artist would be inspired by.
Each day a new location around the lake with plenty of small pretty villages or across on the local ferry to the delightful Island Monte Isola With plenty of stunning views to paint from intimate balconies full of flowers, old rustic doorways and simple Italian scenes of pretty  colourful villas reflected into warm blue water.

The group is small, at most eight to ten with plenty of one to one tuition so suitable for a beginner or intermediate lots of demonstrations, mixing tips and help with any arty problems.
With Nigel on hand with ideas for non painting partners walking, cycling, sailing or just relaxing beside the lake shore.

Evening meals are taken in local restaurants, we have got to know some of the owners and they always ensure truly wonderful Italian food and of course the local Franciacorta wines
With two nights off, often students take the evening ferry over to the Island to the fabulous fish trattoria or just enjoy an aperitif watching the sunset.

With direct flights from Bristol, Birmingham, Stanstead, Manchester, East Midlands and Leeds to Milan(Bergamo) airport and a private transfer from the airport to the hotel.

Saturday 14th to 21st September a beautiful time of year in Italy the light is stunning. With just eight places on the course book now

And for more information, dates, prices and lots of photographs see my web site
If you would like to reserve a place or would like more information just email or give me a ring

Monday, 17 December 2012

Derwentwater the most beautiful lake in the Lake District

 Here are a few of my favourite views around Derwentwater, I think it's one of the most beautiful Lakes in the Lake District and a perfect painters lake.

 Friars Crag, Derwentwater at dusk .Sitting on the wooden bench enjoying the tranquillity of the still Lake and watching the Geese make their last flights of the day. 

After a heavy rain storm, the sun comes out and everything sparkles again.

A sunset starting to develop.

Misty Friars Crag early Autumn morning, this could make a great 'wet in wet watercolour.

My favourite house on the lake, what a stunning setting.

If you fancy a painting holiday or weekend workshop around Derwentwater 

Monday, 10 December 2012

The secret Pink

Stage one

The sky is painted wet in wet but leaving Catbells dry. Note how strong the sky seems in comparison with the paintings below? This is because the paint is still very wet and can dry up to 20% lighter, something the watercolour artist should be aware of.

Stronger shades of Burnt Sienna mixed with my secret Pink, for the foreshore trees. I use the side of a Isbey brush for broken foliage or scree marks on the fells, note how far back the brush is held.

Catbells and Derwentwater
Size 20 x 13 inches

So this is my finished Catbells and Derwentwater painting that I will be demonstrating on Wednesday.
I do always like to have a practise run before painting in front of a big group. The funny thing is sometimes the demo piece is much better than the pre painted thought provoking piece! 
Can you guess my secret Pink weapon? It's Opera Rose why because it's Semi transparent compared to Permanent Rose and because of this it seems to be a slower runner! I have more control of the mix

If you fancy joining my online watercolour course or a  perfect gift 
for an inspiring artist

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Which would you choose?

I've got my last class of 2012 on Wednesday and I think it should be a special one. Why you ask?
Well it's 12th of the 12th month of the 12th year.
Asked what subject they would like and my trusty artists wanted a winter scene.
So after a little research on a cold wet day , I've come up with six studies, but need to narrow it down to one!
Which would you go for? Or if you are one of my trusty artists what do you fancy painting, why not leave me a comment and lets see if we can choose Wednesdays watercolour subject.

Could it be 'A '
Grizedale Pike with Sheep grazing, lovely shadows?

Or how about 'B'
Late afternoon, with a few farm buildings and Sheep again?

Now 'C' could certainly be fun
Not sure what my trusty artists would think to all these figures! Do you recognise Grizedale Pike again?

'D' is quite a classic
Love the fence and stones covered in snow, and a warm glow on Catbells.

'E' is the only Portrait view, but Derwent Isle is beautifully reflected

And 'F' is for Friars Crag
I've painted this many many times not always sucessfully but always a challenging and enjoyable scene.

So the choice is yours, I have my favourites

Lets see this time tomorrow which one gets the vote

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Winter Flock Canvas print

Winter Flock

Canvas print
By Jane Ward
Size 16x 12 inches
£65.00 including P&P to the UK

My Swaledales in Winter certainly got admired at the exhibition this weekend. The canvas print has come out fantastic and many people including artists thought it was the original Oil painting.
If you would like to order one before Christmas please give me approx five working days for delivery

The weather today is super and after spending all week indoors it's time to get out into the icy outdoors to take some photoghaphs maybe even a quick sketch.