Friday, 27 March 2009

Lambs in Jackets

It's horrible outside just made the last post and couldn't resist a twirl (chocolate) when I got the stamps, it's only 5 degrees outside, blowing a howlie and there was fresh snow on the mountain tops this morning, springs here! The Poor little lambs and all the lovely Daffs will be blown to bits, over here in Cumbria the Lambs have little jackets for nasty weather conditions, I do hope they have them on. Today has been all go painting, printing and answering emails, I'm getting some excellent online paintings back from my Landscape course and it is great seeing students work come on, the painting of Bluebells is part of the 2nd Landscape course there is so much to paint here in the Lakes this Wood is near to Grasmere on the walk down to the Lake from White Moss Common. Anyway it's Friday night and when I was a kid it was ' Crackerjack'(80's tv programme) but now it's a glass of wine time down at the local.

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Teresa said...

What a gorgeous painting! I really miss seeing bluebells... one of my favorite flowers.