Thursday, 30 January 2020

Online Watercolour Course

Would you like to have a go at Watercolour Painting?

But no idea where to start.

How many Watercolour paints do you think I used to paint  this Windermere Sunset ?

Just three

How Many brushes did I use?

Again Three, but don't worry not at the same time.

It's such a wonderful medium to play with, watching the bright colours merge together to create a stunning scene in front of your eyes. It is totally absorbing, lots of fun and I promise will open up a whole new colourful world.
You will begin to look at things which yesterday you didn't even realise were there, it is a Happy and dare I say at times challenging and interesting watching paint dry.

Here is a link to My Online Beginners Watercolour course with six step by step projects, sketches and colour tags and most importantly personal feedback on each project.
For more information click here

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

The challenge is much harder than you think!

On Askham Fell looking towards the Pennines.

So why is the challenge must harder than I thought?

Time factor.. January daylight hours but this is no excuse is it!!
 Fitting it in with family and work commitments, Ok I can easily paint or sketch everyday but certain things do get in the way.

Not feeling inspired every single day... this wasn't the reason to do it. If you don't feel like reading a book, you don't notice those beautiful words, painting is the same.

But saying this I've loved sketching en plein in the Lake District

Looking towards Wetherlam with a dusting of snow

Sat breathing in the delights of Tarn Hows

 I love the Mindful feeling of sketching, just looking and scribbling a few marks. Splashing a little colour here and there. Writing a few lines about where I am. I can't tell you how important the sketchbook is, be it  private that only you see, there's no pressure.
 It's a kind of freedom, sitting outside for twenty minutes just taking in the view and your surroundings.

You don't need much gear A sketchbook, a couple of pens, pencil, a small watercolour palette and warm clothes with colourful bobble hat.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

The challenge continues

The challenge continues, daylight hours,  wet and windy weather are slightly obstructing my inspiration challenge!! But I'm still on track

Painting 3
Moody Ullswater  painted in Watercolour
Limited palette of Indigo, Permanent Rose and a dollop of Cobalt Turquoise.

Towards Mont Blanc
Painted in Watercolour
Size 5 x 11 inches
The grey wet Lakes day brought Sunshine memories high in the Alps.

Painting 5
Aiguille du Midi

The scariest and most dramatic cable car ride in the world
Happy Memories of Chamonix.

Saturday, 4 January 2020

January Painting Challenge

Managing the January Blues,I've set my mission high, a painting/sketch a day as well as some kind of exercise. I've found over the years that I need the inspiration of the great outdoors and pounding the fells of the Lakes brings this easily together.

Inspiration Found: New Years Day walking the lofty Walla Crag ridge, with big open views towards Borrowdale and Beyond. What caught my eye was the stunning light Shafts hitting the shores of Derwentwater.

Sunbeams Derwentwater
For Sale £65.00

Painting Ingredients: Saunders Waterford 200lbs Not Size 11 x 11 inch
Colours used Indigo, Opera Rose, Cobalt Turquoise and Cadmium Yellow.