Monday, 30 March 2009

Eight Tones for Wane!

I'm just getting ready for tonight's evening class and I'm going to do a session on tonal values, I do think in watercolour these are really important so using a limited palette of Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine lets see if we can get 8 tonal shades? I have a clever little device that I invented that helps? The watercolour weekend went well it is amazing seeing the difference in students work improve over two days, I'm enjoying these sessions and the hall I use at Millbeck is situated in a beautiful peaceful spot. Today I've been answering emails and writing a watercolour article and trying desperately to get a paypal button on my web site!! I have built and run my web site myself and considering 10 years ago I had no idea how to turn a PC on, I've not done to bad, but I 've got some friends that do know what their doing with computers and they occasionally get a 'help' email. Check here to see my new button!!
I've just got one tiny whinny problem paypal have given me the business name ' WANE WARD'
luckily my brother is Simon, thou could you imagine Jane and Wane Ward!!!! It does make me giggle.


Teresa said...

This is a very lovely and dramatic piece... and a great idea. I need to work on tonal values myself... thanks for the reminder.

Re: "Wane" ... too funny!!

our shabby cottage said...

Hi "Wane"! This is beautiful and I think you are right about the tones. It really is lovely to look at.

jane ward said...

Pay pal have sorted the 'Wane' problem and I am back to Jane!!

laura said...

Just beautiful--the light on the water and on the distant mountaintops is fabulous. A beautiful demonstration of values (a lesson I need!).