Friday, 30 September 2011

Newlands Evening shadows

Newlands Evening shadows
Pochade  number 3

What amazing weather and light here in the Lakes. At times like this there is no better place.
Found a great little spot for a perfect hour of painting and with the sunshine disapearing fast it was full speed with the brushes, this is what I think Pochade painting is all about.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The pochade journey begins

Just had a trip over to Whitby and Sandsend. Felt very inspired to paint some seascapes.
I did get time for a couple of sketches, but could have easily spent a few days painting.This reminded me of my beginners online project. A simple beach scene with a large sky, a distant headland, a few waves lapping the beach and people bringing life to the painting. If you fancy having a go  
The light is beautiful at the moment and with touches of Autumn and the promise of hot weather it's perfect outdoor painting. I had a quick pochade session this evening, I'm going to try and paint 45, dare I say it!
10 x 8 outdoor sketch Oils before the end of the year.
So this is Number 2 and I struggled quite a bit! It' very rough but with just an hour I wanted to get the board filled with an outline and I find it's so important for seeing what is there to paint.
So we will see how the journey commences throughout the next three months.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Autumn workshop in watercolours

The Watercolour workshop  went really well even though we had thundery showers on Saturday. Indoor demonstrations on 'how to paint mist' and colour theory came in very useful for Sunday. Perfect conditions started the day we all could not wait to get the paints into action and capture the misty hills, reflected  into a calm Derwentwater and patches of Orange and warm yellow in the Autumn trees. Painting this is pure joy especially with like minded artists.
Friars Crag a few more weeks and the colours will be stunning.

But as the day ended we turned from our calm lake view to see what was threatening behide!

Total beginners weekend workshop in Keswick
Sat 22nd and 23rd October 2011
Price £125
To book a place on this small indoor course

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever got the better of me today. Sometimes when you look out of the window, nothing inspires the artistic eye. So with pochade box and camera off I went to find inspiration and I wasn't coming home without it. I Sat on a stone beside Derwentwater and looked. Now what you see above of course came when I was off back home! But I did find it, nothing grand just a quick hour gazing at the fells and crags, Swallows and Dippers playing beside the waters edge and a couple of Swans that wanted to be painted, I had other ideas. I'm always wary of these beautiful birds. But reading yesterday about a fellow American artist who had to cope with a rattle snake we in the Lakes have nothing to worry about.

This zing of light got me thinking of a film? ET

The Pochade comes apart, I find working this way easier.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The calm after the storm

Calm Moorings in watercolour

Just finished 'Calm Moorings' it's strange I've painted this in the middle of a storm over Britain, maybe it's what my mind is wanting! This is going to be a new project on my beginners online watercolour course Only three colours were used Winsor Blue, Permanent rose and a new Autumn seasonal shade I use Quinacridone Gold. The palette knife helped create the foreground.
I got a lovely comment this morning from a fellow American artist saying how much she liked my Autumn Oil painting, I must say I was a little unsure. When you paint in different meduims you do wonder which you feel most confident with. I'm often asked which I prefer to paint with. I can never pin down which one. Some views just shout pastels, others have wonderful texture, which Oils and Acrylics lend themselves to and for ease on location watercolours take some beating. 
So at the moment I'm enjoying Oils and  ordered a new book to motivate and inspire.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Embracing Autumn

Autumn Wood not quite finished
Not a good day for outdoor painting. High winds causing 45 degrees rain and low cloud over Keswick. I have decided to embrace Autumn not moan about the weather, and try to work with it! Lets see how long it lasts! I've had this canvas waiting on the sidelines to be finished. I started it about two years ago in Arcylics, I wanted to make the tree on the left come forward and send the rest of the picture back. I'm painting with Oils at the moment, and thought I'd give it a whirl. Music on, Hot pot simmering and I'm off.
Thin Oils first, I tried a little glazing with transparent colours (with no use of white paint). I then blocked in some of the sky and background, this time adding a little white and making sure the colours I used stayed Cool. Then it was time for the bark of the trees again I used thin transparent colours. The fun came with leaves of Oranges and Lemons! and a few reds added to compliment the greens. Shadows of soft muted purples next. I've now reached the next stage, which is the important one. Looking and figuring out what to do next, this could take a few days.
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Friday, 9 September 2011

Oils and Vitamin D

The Yellow Buoy painted in Oils
Size 12 x 10 inch

I've been a little quiet lately, I went and hurt my back, but after a little rest and some natural Vitamin D I feel loads better. I took my Pochade box with me and some Oils and did a few sketches and 'Yellow Buoy' above. What caught my interest was the colour of the water and the buoy gently bobbing. Painting en plein in Oils is a challenge but I find it so enjoyably tactile. The pochade was superb for ease I also think it would be excellent for Acrylics and water soluble Oils. It is such a joy to paint outdoors. I'm sitting here writing this blog and hoping the sun which is for casted to come and show it's face in Keswick, the paints are all ready for some outdoor fun. Will keep you informed on how it goes.
P.S I have an outdoor workshop 17th and 18th September based around Keswick with one place left.Just get in touch if you would like more details