Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A new year and new painting ideas

Alpine Retreat painted in Watercolours

I painted this little snow scene, looking out of the window one morning before breakfast.
 No sketching, a very limited palette and a handful of salt crystals.
I think the couple that feature below live here.
In a perfect world!!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland painted in Watercolours.

I do look forward to a new year and often feel it is a positive time for painting.
A clean painting desk, ready for new ideas.
Here are a few of my new year resolutions

Check spelling!!
Get the Oils out and paint big
The sketchbook needs filling
Get out in the field, I love painting en plein.
Get on with it!! stop thinking about it, life is too short.
But on that note, do think about the brush strokes, tonal values and experiment more.

A very happy new year and thank you for taking the time to pop in and visit my art blog.

I look forward to sharing loads of new ideas and glorious painting locations with you in 2016.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Lakeland favourites

I'm not sure if it's been the weather, the upset of the floods or Christmas approaching. Probably all three, but the paints haven't been out very much. But I have been putting a Lakeland painting on my Jane ward artist Facebook page each day up to Christmas. It's so good seeing which paintings people like and also seeing some old favourites again. It's amazing how many pastels I have done over the years and seeing how they have changed and what inspires me.
Here are four of the paintings, I hope you enjoy them.
Ennerdale painted in Pastels

Catbells painted in watercolours

Misty morning, Derwentwater painted in watercolours 

Wastwater painted in Pastels 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Thank you

A massive thank you to everyone who donated for the Cumbrian floods art raffle. We raised a whopping £1375.00 which is totally fantastic.

I've not felt like painting all week, we've been helping out at one of the flood centres. With so much positive vibes in Cumbria, I think the paints should see some action next week. Look forward to sharing what inspires me ☺

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Striding Edge Cumbrian floods raffle painting

Striding Edge Original painting

Striding Edge signed Print

I am going to raffle an Original watercolour unframed painting of Striding edge, Helvellyn and signed print
I have been deeply upset seeing the beauty of Cumbria been torn apart by the sheer weather conditions and also totally heartened by everyone's positive response.
I enjoy painting the Cumbrian Landscapes and would love that this painting could raise some money for the Cumbrian floods fund.
If you would like to donate anything I will draw, (excuse the pun )the raffle on Saturday 12th December at 12pm

Here is the link 

Monday, 23 November 2015

Striding Edge, Helvellyn Limited signed edition

On the Edge

Signed Limited Edition Print

Price £65.00

Painted in Pastels on a cold Winters day from Red Tarn,
with a lone walker making their way along Striding Edge to the summit of Helvellyn

The Signed  Print comes rolled in a Postal tube
includes free postage in the UK

A perfect Christmas Present for a lover of the Lakes or for a brave soul who has scrambled across this famous ridge walk.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Golden Leaves pastel Demonstration

The last of the Golden leaves are hanging on for dear life against Storm Abigail.
 But what better way to spend an afternoon, especially when it's purely horrid outdoors.
 Painting bright Golden colours in an Autumn  woodland scene, pop some music on, have the kettle ready and away we go.

Stage One 
Tape down a piece of Clairefontaine pastelamat white pastel paper onto a board. 
Add some watercolour washes, not too wet, less water and you seem to have a touch more control. 
Splashes of Red, Yellow and Blue, let them merge together to create beautiful colours.
Leave to dry or speed it up with an hairdryer. 

Stage Two

The Background, I find is a good place to start when adding pastels. Think cool colours, tonal values  and less detail. Leave those bright colours for the foreground trees and path. Composition needs a little thought, I like to see a way through a painting. The light at the end of a tunnel, a fence dancing along the side of a field or maybe a couple out walking their dog. The choice is yours. 

Stage Three

A liitle blending in places to get rid of too much detail, I find a colour shaper ideal for this. Pastel pencils could also help to indicate thin branches along the way. Shadows will help to show the time of day and a bright area bathed in sunshine always makes my heart sing! A few more leaves floating down before the storms appear and the painting will begin to come to life

Golden Leaves painted in Pastels

If you fancy learning the joys of pastel painting why not sign up for my online course.
 Containing six projects and step by step instructions, a material list and personal feedback.
A perfect gift for the want to be artist

Pastel Online Course

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Autumn Pastel Demonstration

Rydal Water
Stage One 
I started with an under painting using watercolours on a piece of Pastelmat. I'm quite surprised at the effects you can get with this brilliant paper, but a word of warning you don't have much control with the watercolour wash, but this can make happy effects!! My giant cauliflower back run in the front of the lake was one such happy effect!
Once the paper was bone dry I then applied pastel in the background, wanting to give a soft hazing atmosphere on a cool Autumn morning.

Adding the Pastels is such fun and so tactile. Cool Blues and Greens in the middle distance and just a touch more detail. Leaving the front Island of Autumn colour, to take all the glory.

Stage Three
Nearly finished just a few more marks and thinking about the bottom right hand corner.
It's good not to rush!!! I'll let it sit happy on the easel and wait for a thunderbolt moment to strike.

Fancy painting in Pastels?
My six project course with personal feedback will show you everything you need to know.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Perfect painting weather

Four days of super sunny weather.
Autumn colours bursting with sparkle
Reflections barely moving, until a duck swims peacefully by.
Fresh mountain air and  clear brilliant Blue skies
A paint brush in hand and bright primary colours at the ready
Herdwicks smiling, a kingfisher singing  swiftly by and many Robins taking a peak.
The Glenthorne nestled and embraced by the Autumn glow
Cold mornings of frost warming the soft mist magically into sunshine days.
A perfect end to a wonderful year of courses and workshops
Thank you to all the inspiring wonderful artists , old friends and new, that all  make painting in the Lake District such a great experience.
Next year's courses are starting to fill, if you fancy coming along
www.lakelandartcourses.co.uk has the dates and more information 

Friday, 9 October 2015

Roses emerging in watercolour

I'm really loving painting floral subjects, especially in watercolours. The fragility and pure beauty of flowers seems to lend itself to this gorgeous medium. Working with a limited palette really does help with colour mixes.
No pre sketching and the subject naturally evolve, before the eyes.Mind it is total concentration, with wonderful wet in wet. No hairdryer, just a touch of masking fluid.
I'm letting it dry now and will rub the masking fluid off and return fresh and ready for action tomorrow.
I have a floral watercolour course organised for next Spring ideal for those who love watercolours, flowers and been inspired. It's based in Grasmere at the Glenthorne from Monday 21st to 24th March 2016 with lots of indoor studio based demonstrations and workshop and some outdoor painting locations to see the famous Lakeland Daffodils.

Fancy painting in watercolours
Six project course with personal feedback on each project

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Sunflowers in watercolours

Sunflower Day

Painted in Watercolours

I'm really enjoying working on the Saunders Waterford paper for a change. It reacts in different ways to the Arches. The Sunflowers were shouting to be painted, after one failed result. I attacked with a calm and open mind or Brush!! In fact I mainly used a flat synthetic brush for most of the painting. 

It started with  dampened paper, I added weak washes of paint, moved the board around. Stronger values were added along with sprinkles of salt and sprays of fine water. I painted it all in one wet in wet sitting. No hairdryer, just a cool room letting the paint softly merge together.

Gosh it was fun. I wondered about more detail?
But the brush has been laid down and the artist is happy with the outcome :-)

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Atmosphere and mist in watercolor demonstration

Stage one

Working on a piece of stretched Arches 140lbs not paper.
 Winsor newton artist quality tubes of Cobalt and Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose and Quinacridone Gold.
Size 12 and 8 Sable brush. a hake flat brush and a synthetic flat brush

With the paper dry, a weak mix of Quinacridone Gold and  Permanent Rose is painted into the background mountains. While this was wet Cobalt and Permanent Rose was added allowing the two mixes to blend together. Clean water was used to soften below. Working with the painting board at a slight angle stops back runs and allows mist to evolve naturally.

Stage Two

With the first washes dry, dampen all of the paper with clean water using the soft hake brush.
  A large mixture of Quinacridone Gold and Permanent Rose is washed into the lower sky and Lake areas. A Stronger mix of Cobalt and Permanent Rose is painted softly into the sky, allowing both mixes to merge together. A water spray is handy if the paint is drying to quickly. Moving the painting board around will encourage the paint to create magical sky effects.

Stage Three

With the sky dry begin to add darker tonal values, this will help to create depth in the mountain scene. Ultramarine Blue is now mixed with Permanent Rose, this warmer Blue will give more tonal strength. The Lake is dampened with clean water and the same mountain colours painted into the reflections. Leaving a few lighter areas for pale ripples in the lake.

Stage Four

With the size 12 brush and a big wash of Quinacridone Gold and Permanent Rose quickly paint into the next mountain range, while this is still wet a wash of Ultramarine Blue with Permanent Rose is applied into the mountain side. Dampen with clean water at the base, this will give mist and atmosphere to the scene. Similar colors are painted into the Lake below.

Stage Five
Trees are painted into the base of the mountain, softening with clean water to give the appearance of soft mist on the lake. To paint the small Island a dry brush with a rich tonal value of Ultramarine Blue, Permanent Rose and Quinacridone gold is used. Painting the reflection at the same time.
A few ripples in the foreground  are added to complete this atmospheric Lakeland scene.

I hope you enjoy having a go at this great scene and for more watercolour projects with personal feedback and extra handy tips www.watercolourcourse.co.uk

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Hydrangeas and foxgloves in watercolours

Next doors Hydrangeas kept grabbing my attention when I walked by.
I thought they would make a great watercolour subject, so Saunders Waterford 200 lbs paper was taped down, masking fluid was loosely painted in with a colour shaper. Then the fun began, Opera Rose, sung, lemon yellow zinged and Cobalt turquoise and Blue did the lead in. All wet in wet.

When the paint was dry the masking fluid was gently rubbed away. A few pencil marks showed the way, lots of negative shapes helped to bring positive flowers into full bloom.

The joy of watercolours, I feel is never quite knowing and letting the painting dictate.

Hydrangeas in watercolours 

I enjoyed my flower experience so much, the Foxgloves demanded I have a go.
 With just a few more blooms to paint 

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Painting in watercolors


Painted in Watercolours

I'm loving painting these tonal views of the Lake District. With no pre sketching it's straight in with the brush and paint. Lots of thinking where the brush mark will go mind, and masses of clean water. 
It's a great way to start and understand the flow and excitement of watercolour painting. A few brushes, paper and a few tubes of paint is all you need. Quite a cheap hobby I think!!

If you fancy having a go at watercolours and no idea where to start or what paper to use, my online course is ideal.With personal feedback  on every project 
it's a great way to start painting watercolours and get the Bug!
Suddenly nature and the landscape take on a whole new meaning
It's fantastic.

Online watercolour course £55.00 for six projects with
colour tags, sketches, step by step instructions and material list.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Pastel Online course

The first project an easy seascape.

Fancy painting in  Pastels, no idea where to start, what paper or Soft, Hard or Oil Pastels?
This unique Pastel course will guide you through techniques, materials, composition and how to create subtle yet dramatic paintings. Fancy a change from watercolors, this is the perfect medium.

Painting in pastels has given me so much confidence with tonal values, painting light and dark and creating the images I see in the Landscape.The pastel course includes six projects with individual feedback with each painting you produce.

I know you will be delighted with your paintings that you will produce, it will open up a totally new dimension to your work.

Number two a tonal lake scene,

Three and we see a little tree action and reflections

Poppy power is number four, I know you will love this one

Number five, warm subtle shades to create a harmonies and evening glow.

Finishing with a scene that brings everything you have learned together.

With regular email updates this six project course is going to be so exciting and 
a perfect start to Pastel painting.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Autumn Morning Derwentwater

Autumn Morning Derwentwater

Painted in Watercolours

This full imperial size Original painting measures 30 x 21 inches

For sale on Etsy  

Quite daunting painting on this scale. The first brush stroke is the one that causes the heart to race. You glance at the brush, then at the paper and it's like jumping into
 a deep pond of watercolour wash! 
But all worth the journey, watercolour washes are given room to move, flow and merge together 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Lakeland Sketchbook

A few photographs from a damp day in the Lakes.
 You may think it's not as inspiring as a glorious sunny day. Students often feel deflated when they see the rain and think I am crazy taking them out on location, but I think it can be much more dramatic and certainly atmospheric.

So here I sat, just out of the gale force wind, blowing fiercly down the lake. The Launch had been cancelled due to adverse conditions. I had to hold onto everything and time was the essence. But how uplifting it is to paint against the weather, it was just a quick sketch, and so enjoyable. Not quite a Turner and fastened to the mast, but I do love to see wild conditions rather than a Blue sunny day. Mind there is nothing quite like sitting in the warm sunshine with the lake gently lapping at your feet!

Not Sunflowers! Fancy having a go at both of these with a watercolour base and a little pastel.
I'll keep you posted.

 Learn to paint watercolours on my online watercolour course with lots of personal feedback with each project www.watercolourcourse.co.uk

Friday, 21 August 2015

Summertime Pastels

Derwentwater painted in Pastels
 Fisher 400 paper

Summertime Fells, Derwentwater
Painted in Pastels
Fisher 400 paper
Delighted with a massive capital ' D 'to see my article about Pastels in this months 'Leisure Painter ' magazine. One of my favourite mediums and probably my favourite Lake.
I've realised that I do paint the seasons as they pass by. The colours that inspire me everyday help to bring the paintings to life. It also helps to paint things you love, I feel that these precious feelings help to give a plain piece of paper some meaning.
I've painted now daily for around fifteen years, you would think that I would be all 'painted up' and looking for new inspiration. But for those that paint, you'll know ideas are endless, and time is the culpit. I do often run around with many ideas popping in my head to be painted.
I will keep you posted with the new Pastel Online course due to begin in September.