Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Blossom in the Alps

Welcome to the new pad 'Chez Bonamour'. 
Our trusty VW heavy with all treasured goods made it the nine hundred miles from Keswick to Samoens safely and without any breakages. 
I hope that I'm not going to bore you over the next few months with photo's and paintings of this stunning area in the French Alps, it really is so beautiful and lovely to share.

The blossom is just coming into flower, but notice the snowy peaks in the distance. The weather has been a little cloudy  with a few cloud inversions.

I'm hoping to find out the name of this pretty flower, it could be a wild orchid?

I know these are Cowslips and this is looking up to Chez Bonamour we are the half chalet on the right next to the wood.

I think this says 'Printemps' Spring

I've got the feeling I call 'headless chicken' with so much to paint, I don't know where to start
I'm sure next blog will be a painting could it be flowers, mountains, blossom or Chickens!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Beautiful Derwentwater

 Evening glow, Derwentwater painted in Oils Sold

Here are a couple of my favourite paintings of beautiful Derwentwater, both very different. Evening glow was painted late on an August evening, I saw the last rays of sunlight catch the back fells of Borrowdale and watched the Geese fly down the lake, honking and hooting from above. 'After the rain' explains itself, but tackling a full imperial piece of watercolour paper was quite a daunting experience.

I've loved painting this special lake over the years and find inspiration every time I walk down to it. I know I'm going to miss it's moods and sparkle over the next few months, but I'm sure the lofty peaks of the Alps is going to keep me well inspired and I'm hoping that you will enjoy our adventure in France which begins next week.

Number One Art Critic did say ' Just take as much art gear as you need' he has come to regret those words and I wonder if our trusty VW van will fit it all in, fingers crossed, I'll let you know how we get on.

After the rain, Derwentwater painted in watercolours Sold


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Leisure painter painting in Italy

Here I am sitting with James Martin busy clattering in the kitchen (on the TV ) about to start on the accounts!  I thought I'll just have a quick look, before I start at 'Leisure painter magazine web site. And what a wonderful surprise, I find that my article on Lake Iseo has been  painted in other styles and enjoyed by fellow artists. I'm sharing with you the second article, this shows how I tackled this stunning scene. To see it in publication is a real joy, but to read that other have enjoyed it too, is fantastic.

I have a painting holiday organised for 14th September 2013 for one week staying at the stunning Rivalago hotel on the shores of Lake Iseo. To paint and enjoy this inspiring area of the Italian Lakes I'm sure that any artist would enjoy and with just a maximum  of eight  places there is plenty of one to one tuition for beginners and Improvers of watercolours. For more details see here Painting in the Italian Lakes
or contact me at lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk to book your place and be inspired. Please note that the hotel is booking up very fast.

Here is the link to the Leisure painter magazine Leisure painter and now I better get on with the accounts!!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Springtime painting in the Lake District.

It's been a super course this week, we've had mixed weather, very cold fingers and nearly sunburnt noses!
Taking the launch to the first painting location was sheer joy, the lake was so calm and serene. 
Finding a small clump of  trees jutting out into the lake, with misty fells and sparkle on the lake. 
This was my first paint of the day

It's not as easy as it seems with watercolours. 
The misty background flowed in well, the trees had a palette knife and a rigger 
to help shape and prune them.

We jumped back on the launch and enjoyed a leisurely trip round to the next location.
Cups of coffee and homemade flapjack helped to give the Intrepid artists a sugar boast of artistic energy
You may not recognise the view above from the one below I painted. 
 It is the same and this shows the difference between a photographer and an artist. No trees in my view
Just the mighty Skiddaw

 Skiddaw painted with watercolours

The Intrepid artists found other scenes to entice. Daffodils Springing into flower

A secret waterfall hidden away, with a tiny bridge tucked behind the fallen trees and mossy rocks.

Painting outdoors in the Lake District is a joy especially when the sun shines, the lake is calm with
Spring  bursting into life and nature wakening up.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Painting sparkle on Derwentwater

 You may think this is just a photo of Daffodils, but note the way they are leaning over in the wind!
My intrepid artists knew all about the easterly wind that blow across Derwentwater yesterday.
The Daffodils didn't get admired for too long, but the Hot Chocolate did warm cold fingers that painted bravely capturing the scene in watercolours.

Today brought warmer sunshine and less easterly winds, I was prepared for sheltered locations with views to enjoy. Some painted Catbells, while Skiddaw and St John's Church steeple attracted other artists palette's

 Left over snow still on the top of Skiddaw Old Man. 

The afternoon found us basking in sunshine on the Derwent foreshore. The light cast silhouettes of Blues on Catbells and sparkle on the lake. I used a tonal palette of Ultramaine, Burnt Sienna and a little Raw Sienna.

Here is the view that was a joy to paint, sat in April sunshine watching the lake sparkle.

Catbells painted en plein today.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spring wildlife

Walked along the riverbank at Portinscale, getting ready for the start of tomorrows course. 
Picking out some wildlife views that could catch the imagination of an artist.
We sat and watched a busy pair of Grey wagtails diving and catching flies.
The RSPB web site is great for identifying birds and where they may be.

I'm really pleased with this photo it shows the Grey wagtail, is such a pretty bird and beautifully marked.

The cows and calves enjoying the sunshine after the harsh last few weeks, not sure where the Geese are off to? If you take a look at the photo below you can just make out the Lambs still got it's stylish  Phthalo Blue winter jacket on.

Sunshine and Spring time colours

Bright Sunshine does make all the difference, after our long cold Winter. 
I've a four day course starting on Monday and just wanted to check out what views were doing and if the Lake was still there! It is very low, but new views appear because of this. We still have snow on the tops which will give my artists something to focus on, I don't know why but Snow does seem to give the illusion of  mountains appearing larger 

The old posts at Portinscale, usually we have just a couple poking up through the deep lake!

A new view and perfect for some Springtime colours, can't wait to tackle this next week

I've also been busy trying out the coffee and of course Hot Chocolate, it is an hard life been an artists!

I will leave you now to go and do my sunshine dance for next week, fingers and toes crossed no more snow!