Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Is winter over? I think Spring is here!

1st Stage Acrylic underpainting

2nd stage starting to apply pastel

Well Spring is here I think! it's lovely to sit outside and have a coffee and listen to the birds singing, working from home the kettle is nearly always on. I find taking frequent breaks from painting and looking at it from a distance helps me see mistakes and things that are emerging out of the painting naturally. I'm working on a Striding Edge in pastel with an acrylic under base, it still needs a bit of work but it's starting to take shape. I used my new Acrylics from Winsor Newton they seemed much easier to work with and more move able. Tuesdays I try and paint with my artists friends and on the way to the hall I couldn't resist these Daffs with Skiddaw in the background, I think the photo is so 'the Lake District in spring'

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