Tuesday, 29 December 2015

A new year and new painting ideas

Alpine Retreat painted in Watercolours

I painted this little snow scene, looking out of the window one morning before breakfast.
 No sketching, a very limited palette and a handful of salt crystals.
I think the couple that feature below live here.
In a perfect world!!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland painted in Watercolours.

I do look forward to a new year and often feel it is a positive time for painting.
A clean painting desk, ready for new ideas.
Here are a few of my new year resolutions

Check spelling!!
Get the Oils out and paint big
The sketchbook needs filling
Get out in the field, I love painting en plein.
Get on with it!! stop thinking about it, life is too short.
But on that note, do think about the brush strokes, tonal values and experiment more.

A very happy new year and thank you for taking the time to pop in and visit my art blog.

I look forward to sharing loads of new ideas and glorious painting locations with you in 2016.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Lakeland favourites

I'm not sure if it's been the weather, the upset of the floods or Christmas approaching. Probably all three, but the paints haven't been out very much. But I have been putting a Lakeland painting on my Jane ward artist Facebook page each day up to Christmas. It's so good seeing which paintings people like and also seeing some old favourites again. It's amazing how many pastels I have done over the years and seeing how they have changed and what inspires me.
Here are four of the paintings, I hope you enjoy them.
Ennerdale painted in Pastels

Catbells painted in watercolours

Misty morning, Derwentwater painted in watercolours 

Wastwater painted in Pastels 

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Thank you

A massive thank you to everyone who donated for the Cumbrian floods art raffle. We raised a whopping £1375.00 which is totally fantastic.

I've not felt like painting all week, we've been helping out at one of the flood centres. With so much positive vibes in Cumbria, I think the paints should see some action next week. Look forward to sharing what inspires me ☺

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Striding Edge Cumbrian floods raffle painting

Striding Edge Original painting

Striding Edge signed Print

I am going to raffle an Original watercolour unframed painting of Striding edge, Helvellyn and signed print
I have been deeply upset seeing the beauty of Cumbria been torn apart by the sheer weather conditions and also totally heartened by everyone's positive response.
I enjoy painting the Cumbrian Landscapes and would love that this painting could raise some money for the Cumbrian floods fund.
If you would like to donate anything I will draw, (excuse the pun )the raffle on Saturday 12th December at 12pm

Here is the link