Thursday, 26 March 2009

Ferrero Rocher

What a bright painting!Don't worry it's not finished yet. I'm trying out the new Winsor and Newton Acrylics and they are scrummy, very similar to oils but without the turps the colours are gorgeous and the best bit is that they are much slower in drying, before when I've worked with Acrylics they seem to dry fairly instantly but these you could still move round and soften for quite a while. I started this painting at my 'Tuesday painting group' I think they thought I'd gone mad!! I really laid the Acrylic on thick as an undercoat and for some texture with a palette knife and yesterday I started painted in with a brush. I use a 'ferrero rocher' box for my palette I find these excellent and 'cheap'. I've got a new colour in this painting ' Green Gold' my friend Jenny told me about this one and it's a real winner, mixed with blue's to darken, burnt sienna to earth it (a Jane technique word) yellow to brighten and white to send back.
I'll keep you posted with the finished painting. I've had some lovely comments this week about the blog, it really does keep me focused, I really enjoy doing it and getting feedback is great for a lonely artist!!


Teresa said...

What a coincidence! I gessoed two pieces of canvas paper a couple of days ago in preparation for trying out my new acrylics - Chroma acrylics - which are also the "new" type of acrylics in that they dry slowly and perform like oils (at least that's what the product description says!).

Love these colorful scenes... makes me even more impatient to dive into my paints!

our shabby cottage said...

This looks amazing now Jane! I can only imagine how wonderful it will look when you have finished. The colours are beautiful.