Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Che Bella Giornata ' What a beautiful day'

Under Catbells
Manesty woods

Otter Island, Abbotts Bay

Abbotts Bay

Well the Daffs are certainly featuring in this weeks blog, maybe they should be painted again! I had a lovely walk today from Rosthwaite down along the river to Grange in Borrowdale a coffee and flap jack stop ( it's good flap jack they put Corn flakes in like my Grandma used to!) then down to the lake by Manesty stopping at Abbotts Bay and then back to Keswick alongside the Lake and through Portinscale. The lake was a dream with fantastic reflections, if this weather keeps up my Four day April course in Keswick will be lovely it's a fantastic time to paint the leaves on the trees are just opening up with lots of spring yellows and soft greens.


our shabby cottage said...

Gosh Jane this brings back so many memories for me! I met my husband in Thornthwaite when we worked at "The Swan Hotel". We are both from Australia and lived 1 hour from one another but had to go half way around the world to meet! I lived around Keswick for nearly 3 years (also worked at "The Pheasant Inn" at Wythop for 2 years) and every time I see photos I feel homesick for it. My husband and I have done this route but the other way around. Loved this post!

jane ward said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, it is a lovely walk and it was such a nice day yesterday.