Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Basking in the sunshine

I had one hour yesterday in between jobs at Glenriding, it was a glorious morning so I quickly made my way up the fell side, I would have loved to have gone further round this mountain to see the start of Helvellyn range and the start of Striding Edge, there is still a lovely dusting of snow on the tops and the shadows were fantastic. So I made my way along this path, thinking of what the tops would look like and trying to get round the next range to see the view, But I had to retreat and as I did, I was quite taken by the view on the way back down.A photographer friend once told me 'always look behind, there could be a better view' and today he was right, now you might not think so! I liked the way the light hit the wall and led you into the background, Ullswater is the other side of this wall but what really caught my eye are the puddles, stones and grasses in the foreground, I sat for a few minutes basking in the sunshine just taking in the scenery.

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