Thursday, 12 March 2009

Holiday cobalt blues

I've been quite busy this week the watercolour workshop went really well at the weekend, it's amazing watching students work improve and gain confidence I still have two places left for Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th March if you would like some watercolour intensive therapy just get in touch. Leisure Painter have printed this month, one of my articles on pastels it's a two part phase, it's come out really nice I was a little worried about it as my English language at times is a little hit and miss! And the other thing this week was Becks beer got in touch about a promotion they are doing on art courses, been self employed you never know what's round the next corner!! And so in amongst all of this I started thinking of Italy, the food fantastic homemade pasta at Villa Rosa, Ice cream two scoops in a tub please! and then the painting oh were do I start! warm sunny days sat on the edge of the pier dangling feet into lukewarm clear water an Olive tree giving a little shade, you can hear Mama rustling up a pasta sauce
from an open window and then a perfect view with pastel shade reflections. Well it's 14 weeks till we go and I do still have a couple of places left to visit this special place. And now I must get on with some work!!

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