Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Artists that stay positive

Well I've set myself and the Wednesday Monthly group a real challenge tomorrow.
What can I say, Venice!
Angles, reflections and boats, but I know my trusty artists will conquer!! They are a positive possie.

I'll let you know how we get on.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Bownessie sighting

I had a trip down to Bowness at the weekend and the weather was just delightful. I couldn't resist a couple of quick sketches on the quiet shore of Windermere. The water was very still and with soft shades of Blue. But sitting sketching listening to the woodpecker, you can imagine my gasps when a slither of dark emerges across the Lake, I watch and wonder with eyes wide 'Is this 'Bownessie' the monster of Windermere?'

What do you think!!

I reckon these hardy fishermen might know more?
If you look closely at the name of the boat it's called ' Pike r us'

Thursday, 24 March 2011

The watercolour Dabbler

Couldn't resist a quick look at the Lake this morning on the way to buy some Coffee. I think Spring is here!! Whoopee, it was pure perfect weather for painting beside Derwentwater. Fingers crossed it will be like this for the Weekend 16th and 17th April, when the next 'Watercolour Weekend' is. If you fancy having a dabble outdoors I've still a few places left. It is a glorious time of year to paint with bright flowers and hints of Leaves starting to show on the Trees and wonderful light.Ahh Just like this Swan was feeling this morning!!
Then along comes Mr Swanny gliding along at speed

And peace is shattered.

Watercolour Weekend for Beginners and Dabblers
Sat 16th and 17th April 2011
10.15am to 4pm
To book a place email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Inspirational cycle ride

Cycled all the way to Watendlath today, why I say all the way? I never got off and walked and there sure are plenty of up hills.What a lovely cycle ride and these little ladies were waiting at the top. With the famous tea room shut this tiny beautiful hamlet was very quiet.

I've had the pastels out again this week for another famous Lakeland bridge. It's been such a joy painting in this medium. With the weather  bright and dry it's much easier to capture in Pastels then Watercolours.

Now I said I didn't walk, but I did stop a couple of times, especially when I say these guys.
Not sure I've mentioned the story about the 'Tourist' who complained about a Borrowdale Farmer who was hurting his Cows! 'They had bandages around their middles' !!!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

In search of Inspiration.

I went in search of inspiration. I had in mind Blencathra and Derwentwater. But this little vista kept my eyes turning back. It is not a classic view or I wonder would have all the ingredients for a painting. But the big But. It was what I wanted to paint. So lets see what happens this week.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Poppies and Vines in mixed media

Poppies and Vines in Mixed media by Jane Ward
Size 20 x 20 inches.
Worked a little more on the above painting today, and used different fingers for blending, after yesterday some were still a little sore! But saying this really enjoyed getting the pastels out and using some gorgeous bright colours on a larger scale. Felt like hot footing it down to Heaton Cooper for another sheet of paper, maybe tomorrow!

Instead of the hot footing, had a walk down to the lake for some cool monochrome shades, definitely a watercolour, quite different from the above!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Pastel with Acrylic underpainting Demo

Stage 1

Grey skies in Keswick after a beautiful sunny day yesterday, but I didn't mind too much and lost myself in a warm Italian landscape. Fisher 400 paper was attached to a board and I roughly sketched the buildings with a soft pencil. The Acrylics came out of the cupboard, Cerulean, Cad yellow light, Cad Red and Winsor blue was used for the dark greens. Then a secret weapon 'Buff Titanium' an unusual colour that I find mixes well with all shades and can help with harmony!Some darker shades of Greens, Ochres and touches of Red were popped into the foreground.
Stage 2
With Acrylics bone dry it was time for the Glorious pastels and with lots of bright colours jostling for space off we went.

Stage 3
Pastels are applied to bring out the lights (hopefully) and add a little detail. Letting the painting work itself and standing back often to see where it's going.
Stage 4

With sore fingers from a touch to much rubbing, you don't get that with watercolour!! It's time to rethink
and see how it's going in a few days with fresh eyes.

Monday, 7 March 2011


It's been beautiful sunshine in the Lakes the last few days. A trip to Hawswater on Sunday for two Wainwrights. This is a quiet part of the Lakes free from tourists and the maddening crowds. But driving into the small village of Bampton we were surrounded by 500 runners all on their 1/2 marathon to the end of Hawswater, exactly where we were starting the walk. If you look closely at the road above the silver car you can see runners for miles!! Which we passed, I smiled encouragingly at them all but especially the two men that were doing the three legged , which we did pass again on the way home, and boy did they look jiggered.

Clear Blue skies, I think Cobalt?

On the way down after topping  Branstree and Sellside Pike, now why did it not registrar how steep this was? It was all that Blue sky! But it was certainly very steep on the way down, but it gave me plenty of time to reflect on the Damming of this beautiful valley. Which is described beautifully in 'Hawswater' by Sarah Hall.


This photo was taken as a' STOP THE CAR I NEED TO TAKE ANOTHER PHOTO'

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Fabriano Extra white v Arches

Springtime, Ullswater Watercolour by Jane Ward

I painted this classic Ullswater vista using the Fabriano Extra white paper. Stretching it on my Ken Bromley stretcher, it worked a treat, and was surprisingly a lovely paper to paint on. I felt that it granulated the washes more than Arches but on the other hand I could take out colour so easily, I also felt that it was a pretty durable paper and at approx £1.50 a sheet cheaper than Arches it was very good value.I compared the colour of the paper against Arches which is definitely much whiter. But this was the main reason for trying out this paper, I wanted to achieve a 'brighter' watercolour. The only negative I had was that it did seem to feel slippery compared to my beloved Arches paper!