Sunday, 4 December 2016

Catbells from Walla Crag Print.

Day Four

Art Advent

Catbells from Walla Crag 

Painted in Pastels.

Perched on the top of this wonderful little fell with sketchbook and a flask of something warm, makes a very happy artist, especially if it's not windy.

Alpine retreat in watercolours

Day Three
Advent Art

Alpine Retreat
Painted in watercolours
One early morning before breakfast, I quickly grabbed the paints and painted this wonderful wonderland scene. I wanted to capture the feeling of a heavy snowfall, before it melted away. I like the simplicity, lots of unpainted paper and a limited harmonious palette. Magic moments like this don't happen often, so grasp them when they do.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Art advent Lanty's Tarn.

Day two Art Advent 

Lanty's Tarn
 Painted in Pastels.

 This special little Tarn above Glenridding, a short, little steep walk 
brings you to an oasis of charm.
 Painted on Pastelmat, these super pastel paper is a dream to work with.
I love soft light, water, trees and add reflections and I'm a very happy artist.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

advent art calendar

Buttermere painted in watercolours.

Painting number One in my colourful art advent calendar.

Painted with a  limited palette of four shades.
Can you guess what they were?
 Ultramarine, Permanent Rose, Burnt Sienna and a touch of Gamboge

I love visiting Buttermere, it's always inspiring at any time of the year, a little difficult to get to when the snow is down, which makes it even more special.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Watercolours full of promise

Autumn Morning.
Painted in Watercolours.

A truly magical time of the year to paint, after the Greens of Summertime what a delight to have Warm bright coloured hues. Gaps in trees, not full of foliage, beautiful light and in the Lakes long and tempting reflections of days going by.

Misty mornings with valleys full of soft floating clouds, to not want to paint or capture this wonderful time of year would be such a shame.

This morning I received two wonderful Online paintings, both beginners but both well painted full of promise and eager for the next painting project. 

With feedback after each painting, I hope students take each new step with more confidence, that is one of the important keys to successful watercolour painting.

If you fancy joining my online watercolour class

Here is a link

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

An American watercolor bargain.

I love a bargain, maybe it's because of my Yorkshire roots!
So while pondering over my first cup of tea, I thought now while the pound is rising and falling against the Euro and the Dollar, now is an ideal time for American  and European artists to sign up for the Online Watercolor course.

Are you new to watercolors? Do you fancy learning some new techniques from an English Landscape artist. Which colours suit the English Landscape and quite importantly how to create soft atmospheric mist which we see over here and is the essence of English watercolours.

My online courses contain six projects, each with a colour tag, sketch, step by step word document with many clear photo's and personal feedback on each project ( I find this is what each artist benefits and enjoys the most)

Each course, Beginners, Improvers and Intermediate is £55.00 or $67.00 approx

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Painting from the heart.


Painted in Oils on Canvas.

 While cycling along the shores of Ullswater, I realised, I've stopped trying to paint exactly what I see. I want to delve deeper, I want to paint the joy that I  feel, the sheer  drama that the Lake District portrays. 
It came like a bolt out of the Blue, what have I been doing all these years.
Learning... maybe I'm a slow learner, I do become a little obsessed with figuring things out.
Not going to art college, but just painting each day.

This is my latest painting of the Langdales, the Oils are back in favour, it's not often I say this but I do like this painting. If like me, you are never quite pleased with the outcome of some paintings, it is a lovely feeling when you keep going and having a quick glance in the art room to see the painting  happily smiling back.

I think what I'm trying to say is sometimes we need to let go and paint from the heart, not what is expected. 

Happy painting today, maybe let go a little and see what the outcome is.