Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Lac Montriod revisited

We visited Lac Montriod over the weekend, it was Summer when we were last at this beautiful Lake.
It's hard to believe in tee-shirts and enjoying painting with a group of intrepid artists, but today I had problems stopping my hair from freezing, so I knew there was no way the watercolour would ever dry and we had no Gin!

The light was unbelievable, with a soft blue icy haze over the Lake

No ice skating on the lake, not sure what this little paw prints are?

Looking back down the Lake, no fisherman today.

Nor outdoor coffee, but the roaring fire inside sure looked inviting.

I forgot to mention how deep the snow was, the Chimney pot does help to show you.


It really was so pretty walking along with the snow falling from the trees above, I was asked this week if I was sick of painting snow!

I did expect to see an Emerald lake again, with snow covered mountains, the soft blue mist was something special though. I didn't get the paints out, but walking along my head was buzzing with lots of painting ideas.

If you fancy a week painting Watercolours  in the French Alps
Saturday 31st August to 6th September 2014
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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Winter Grazing.

                                                                 Winter Grazing
                                                                  Painted in Oils
                                                       Size 8 x 10 inches For Sale

You may think that this little scene has nothing to do with skiing, but it does. I see these beautiful Horses grazing each time we come to Morillon, we park the van next to the field, and so one misty day when the visability was poor up the mountain, it was very atmospheric down in the valley. The colours seemed very grey, but when I started to paint I could see wonderful Mauves and Cool Blues. I didn't stay too long just enough time to get the shapes around the Horses and then it was time for a very welcome hot Chocolate.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Aguille du Grepon painted in watercolours

Aguille du Grepon, Chamonix
Painted in Watercolours

Size 20 x 12 inches For Sale

I love the Chamonix skyline and have painted the Dru, Mont Blanc and the Grandes Jorasses but not the mighty 'Grepon'. I painted this from a sketch I did on Wednesday we parked the van and this was the view above. With bright sunshine lighting the colourful Ochres in the rock face it certainly made a stunning view to appreciate. I came back and worked off the sketch and a few photo's. I kept a limited palette, masked out a little and painted the sky after I had some of the main details in. I find this really helps to get better tonal values.

To purchase this original painting or for more details Email lakelandart@hotmail.co.uk

Monday, 10 February 2014

Winter time Les Carroz

Les Carroz

Painted in Watercolours 
Size 19x 11.5 inches For Sale

Skiing down into Les Carroz, this pretty Alpine village always catches my eye. 
I thought I would have a go at painting this scene with different colours in the palette, try and keep the painting bright and harmonising and with a little repetition in the buildings, I was hoping this would link the scene together.
Masking fluid and tape was used along the way as was a little wax.
Lots of thought went into this painting, I sketched it out and masked, then did not know how to jump in.
It was a little scary! Whoever said watercolours are a relaxing hobby, never painted!!
It is fun though and challenging

To purchase this painting or for more details just send me an email 

Or if you fancy having a dabble in watercolours and not sure where to start!
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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Pointe Percee painted in watercolours

Pointe Percee

Painted in Watercolours 

When I saw this view, my attention was drawn to the lovely soft turquoise mountains shimmering in the background. So with this is mind getting the correct beautiful pale blue,was important to my painting. 
I often use Ultramarine or Cobalt Blue for the crisp snow shadows, but when I tried mixes of these, they just were not right.They were too warm. Out came Cobalt Turquoise a beautiful bright shade that was just right and it complemented the warm soft peach I used in some of the snow shadows and the sky.

A little information about Pointe Percee, this is the highest prominent peak in the Aravais and can be admired from the Grand Massif above Les Carroz. It was first climbed in 1865 by a chap from Geneva. 

 For more painting ideas and techniques 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Leisure Painter Mont Blanc

I'm delighted to see my article this month in the Leisure Painter magazine. 
This is part One, which explains my ideas for pulling a painting together, from the moment I'm inspired, quick outdoor sketches and then composition and colour mixing ideas in the studio. Painting in the Alps is a dream come true and been able to share this on my blog and also in Leisure Painter is really good.
I'm not sure why I have such a fascination with high Mountain peaks, but when you see the mist open, it's like watching something magical appear from behind the stage curtains. 

Maybe it's been outdoors at one with the elements.

But saying all of this, if you had seen me yesterday coming down a black non piste ski run. I was not totally at one with the snowy mountain peak, but after sliding down in a very Bridget Jones fashion I'm here in one piece to share this with you. There was certainly no sketches and not photographs of Aigle Noir and I'm not planning on returning to this painting location. I've decided I'm definitely a Cobalt Blue and Cadmium Red ski painter, I've never had black in my palette!

Well done Mum for taking the photo, the joys of technology on the Internet.