Monday, 26 May 2014

Lac Vert from Servoz

An easy three hour walk round walk, from the pretty village of Servoz through the
 flower meadows to Lac Vert.

Walking along the worn path with wild flowers everywhere.Jane can be spotted ducking and diving with the camera at every angle, running to catch up.

A buttercup field of Cows watching effortlessly on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

A brief shaded forest with the fresh scent of Pine and birdsong singing joyfully

Two flowers that I'm unsure of what they are called, any idea?

Lac Vert a very pretty Alpine Lake with a cafe and a car park, but much better to reach it on foot.

I did manage a quick loose sketch sitting beside this lovely Lake

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Glacier des Bossons

Approaching Storm, Glacier des Bossons
Painted in Watercolour
For Sale 13 x 10 inches

I sat watching for hours the storm approaching. 
The wind picked up the birds flew higher in the darkening sky. I then decided 'now is the time to get the watercolour paints out'. Undercover I could watch and escape the heavy rain. Somehow Blue sky days don't have the same atmosphere or the urgency to paint at speed in an every changing scene.
Not quite 'Turner' on a mast out at sea, but loving the joy of immediate paint to paper.

Interesting to know that Turner did paint in the Chamonix valley in 1836. Here is a link to one of his 'Glacier des Bossons, I think it is painted from the small hamlet of 'Bossons' perhaps!!

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Three Swiss Cols

Three cols in  Switzerland just over the border in Martigny promised us a gentle start to a Summer of cycling. What a silly fool I was to think it would be gentle! 10% gradients non stop for nearly 7 miles. If you wonder what 10% is on a bike, think the easiest gear and still struggling. But with  quiet roads through beautiful Swiss mountain scenery, I didn't mind!!

Martigny a patchwork quilt below with vineyards adorning the slopes above.

Up through the forest with Deers, Hares and Golden Butterflies for company.

Wild Cowslips, Gentian, Forget me nots and Orchids line the route up the Col des Planches at a mere 1411metres high.

 The tarmac disappears and the going gets rougher, but the scenery more than makes up for the rough ride.
I noticed a wooden sign ' Petit Paradis'

Up through the Alpine pasture and at last Col du Tronc is conquered and then a few miles onwards along a more gentle rutted road to Col  du Lein 1658 metres. For those like me that still work in feet, it's just short of 4000 feet that we cycled up from Martigny. Think Ben Nevis!!

We now have to decide which route to take back, downhill for me.

The manicured fields and wild flowers of Switzerland made this an epic and stunning ride. 

Monday, 19 May 2014

watercolour cat

A favourite time to paint is first thing in the morning.
 Usually accompanied by coffee, all is quiet except the birds singing. I had found an old  sketch while I was flicking through the sketchbook and thought I'd have a change , never painting a pussycat before.
 Plenty of Dogs, Sheep and a few Cows. I wanted to keep it simple, trying to concentrate on pale tones and glazing. All was going well until the tail. I know it was Black, I hoped the 20% rule on drying lighter would work!! It did a little and also when adding the flowers and shadows this helped to balance up the scene.
I fancy having another go, maybe larger or even with some pastels, lets see

Watercolour by Jane Ward
Size 13 x 8 inches 

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Pastel Sheep

Painted in Pastels by Jane Ward
Size 8.5 x 9 inches
For Sale

Spotted this little family on a walk in the Lakes. 
The vivid green Spring grass, the light on Mothers fleece and the red marker all gave me all the inspiration I needed to create this scene. 
I started with a watercolour underpainting and then attacked with Pastels.

To purchase this Original pastel just email me for more details

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Yorkshire and Lakeland

Yorkshire is preparing for the Tour de France, everywhere there seems to be the colour Yellow. 

Spending time in France is a wonderful experience. It's opened my eyes to new views, amazing light and so many exciting ventures.Coming back for a quick trip to Yorkshire and The Lakes shows what a difference it has made. I'd started to take things too much for granted, but with fresh eyes wide open, new painting challenges started to appear. The English cuisine also cannot be bettered or maybe it's the 'Northern palette'

I can see this view been visited again with the watercolours.

  Fragrant beautiful Bluebells out in bloom

  And pungent Garlic 

A few showers promising and blue skies above Derwentwater

With company on lots of walks

'Chance' fed up of stopping for photo's instead of throwing sticks.

Derwentwater from Dodd, where the Osprey nest can be viewed.