Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Watercolour Painting in a thunderstorm

A perfect Blue day, not a cloud in the sky, lets go painting I thought. I'll ask a friend if she would like to come. I described the place where I had in mind, not far away, a bench with a view I said. There could be rain this afternoon she said but was still  keen. It was to be a first outdoor painting experience for one of us.
We arrived at the bench with a view, settled down and declared a perfect place to capture the scene.

Sketches and thumbnails decided the composition, colours were picked and tried on scraps of paper.
A rain drop landed.
Mist rolled in.
The wind picked up.
We gazed ahead it's only a shower I declared forever the optimist.
Painting started play, the sky was washed in, raindrops helped the wet in wet.
The mist opened and a glimmer of a snowy peak came into play.

The rain got heavier, Umbrellas came fast into action.
A tree above helped with cover.
The thunder roared above
 Lightening lit the sky
We are under a tree, trusty friend said in a shaky voice.
Another loud rumble from above.
I don't think it's near I said with the Umbrella keeping the precious painting dry.

I can't believe we've sat and painted in this said trusty friend.
But it's been fun.

We need to come back and finish our paintings, but the dilemma is do we wait for a storm approaching or paint the field of flowers in the foreground on a sunny day.

Part two will follow.


Lindis said...

Beautiful painting in the thunderstorm - fresh, composition and colour balanced, air of mystery because parts of the painting are left undefined.

Unknown said...

Nice Post! Good Collection. Samoens