Monday, 1 July 2013

Col de colombiere

Leaving Le Repsoir (the resting place)

After a mixed bag of weather a stunning day beckoned and today we would cycle the mighty Col de Colombiere from Sconzier. I did not know quite what was in store I imagined hairpin bends, snow topped mountains and a lengthy pink faced ride. With 1150 metres to climb and a ten mile ride to do, it would be our hardiest Col climb in the Haute Savoie.

Beautiful Blue skies are shining down as we leave the pretty village of Repsoir. Many cyclists in 'Tour de France' fancy gear started cycling along and we somehow found ourselves in the middle of a Sportive cycle race. I was a little upset not to have a number and a pink or yellow jersey on!

Up the gruelling road, passing Donkeys and Cows and hundreds of wild flowers. With not much traffic on the road it was perfect cycling and at my speed watching the world pass by.

Along come some of the leading Peleton, I'm a few seconds behind the Yellow jersey. Number One Art Critic is in front with the camera.

A few shots to show the beauty of this Alpine region.

Mountains behind, buttercups and Campions in front but I'm digging deep as a Contender for the jersey passes by.

Now this looks a delightful photo, and I thought 'I can see the top from here, ten minutes and I'll be there'
The top is on the skyline in the middle dip and in reality as I well know now is two miles away and it's a brutal nasty 10 % climb all the wretched way to the top. But still beautiful!!!

A last few hairpins to go, and along comes the contender for the polka dot title, Jane is leading the way and the Frenchman wearing the full gear comes alongside, but Jane sees the finish line and will not let the spotted jersey go, she pushes the pedals with her last bit of strength and crosses the finish line with Frenchman in second place.

The crowds cheer on the top of the Colombiere, well not really they were having their photo's taken!!

On the podium

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