Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Painting in the sunshine makes happy artists

I hope the weather is fantastic where you are, what a difference the sunshine makes. It seems to light up everything and painting locations become endless from simple tubs of flowers to sunset landscape scenes.
This year I decided to have a break from painting under Umbrella's in the Lakes! And just look at the weather no raindrops forecast!
I've not given  up the paint brush in the Lakes, it's been great getting some new inspiration in the French Alps and it really opens the eyes to new projects to paint.

I'm still has busy with the Online Watercolour Courses and it's wonderful to see paintings coming from all over the Uk and behond and answering questions and giving lots of tips.

I have just heard from the Rivalago Hotel that one en suite room is available for my painting holiday on the shores of Lake Iseo.
This course runs from Saturday 14th to 21st September and is really suitable for either a beginner or a dabbler with some experience

If you would like more details about this wonderful place to paint just send me an email
 or you can see more details on www.lakelandartcourses.co.uk 

The days are spent painting beside the emerald lake gently lapping at our feet, sampling the delighful Italian cuisine, an odd prosecco and relaxing in the wonderful ambience of the Rivalago hotel. We arrive at painting locations usually by ferry and sketches and paintings are inspired by Lake views, beautiful old buildings full of colour and flowers on every balcony. 

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