Saturday, 27 July 2013

A French Window

Number one contender

I feel the need to paint a French Window. With so many to choose from and all slightly different. I'm becoming too picky and too critical, or maybe 'The Special One' has not come into view yet. I fancy a loose watercolour with of course a pot or two of Geraniums, pastel shaded shutters in distressed wood, lace curtains maybe a little twee!And light, this is the important factor for lightening the stage and then ready for action.

Love the shutters, especially how they harmonise with the tall lupins, but overall a little too pretty.

 I like the singular pot, but not maybe the two hanging baskets, too symetrical

Another close contender, this old barn sits on the road down to the bakery, which could need another viewing and a good excuse for fresh croissents this morning.

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