Wednesday, 31 July 2013

An evening of music at Jour plaine

Early evening and we found ourselves on top of the Jour Plaine with super company. Musician's from the Geneva Orchestra and the backdrop of Mont Blanc to set the stunning scene joined in too.With the sun setting and beautiful music playing it couldn't get much better. Carmen and Brahmas set the highest standard and was perfect to enjoy the majestic scenery and let the mind wander.

The clouds lifted with the sounds of the violins and Mont Blanc came into view.

And while I was sitting enjoying the ambiance of this special evening, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a perfect French Window sill full of red Geranium's that would make a great painting!

And so the music finishes and we wander happily down to the Lake, all relaxed and look what we see!
Now I think these look like Wolves, but they did seem to be with a chap in a car, that was taking them for a run. I must add 'not on a lead' but running alongside the car!

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