Thursday, 11 July 2013

Col Jour Verte

Col de Jour Verte.
We parked the van at Montriod Lake an Emerald beauty that reminded me of Buttermere.
Passed the lake and headed our way up towards the 'Goat Village' This is real Heidi country.
Alpine pastures full of flowers of every colour shinning  happily in the sun.

Around gentle hairpins! I think the flowers stopped the gradient feeling severe.

We passed the ski area, full of Mountain bike folk, behaving wildly,bombing down the steep slopes. The road bike gracefully made it's way through the most delightful woodland. This was the last 2 km up the Col Verte and cycling through this magical sunny glen of pretty Alpine flowers and Pine trees with birdsong the only noise for company was pure joy.

And we reach the top, with Buttercups leading the way and ski runs in the distance.

The ski lifts taking Mountain bikes to dizzy heights to descend at rapid speeds.

The Goat village a little pongy but full of cute Goats and cheese for sale.

Sitting in the shade watching the world go by

Flowers of every colour, I think this would make a simple painting? But what medium

Lake Montriod gleaming in the light with towering peaks.

Col Jour Verte a perfect Col to climb.

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