Sunday, 21 July 2013

Stage 20 Annecy Tour de France

 Sitting on the sofa, with a cup of tea, drying out, we thought shall we set the alarm, get up early and go and see the start of the tour in Annecy?
 We managed to get up close to Peter Sagan's bike. Can you see the art work on the frame, and the reason it's all green compared to the other cycles, Peter Sagan will probably be wearing the Green Jersey!! Technical stuff! Colour is important!!

Lake Annecy, soft shades of mountains

 A classic view of Annecy, a perfect place to paint?

 We walked along the promenade and found a bend in the road we thought would be great to see the riders  cycling  through. Sat next to Annecy Lake in the sunshine was very different to the thunderstorm of the previous day. The excitement overhead of helicopters meant the cyclists were on the way.

Here they come I can't tell you how exciting it feels!

The Polka dot jersey leads in front with Super Cavendish on his left, but where is the yellow jersey.
It's all happening so fast.

 Peter Sagan is next to our Sky man and behind is the Yellow jersey and Froome, I can't believe I managed to capture this when it's nearly over in a blink.

And there they go along the shores of Annecy

So what did I think, to my tour experience? It was magic and so inspiring.

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our shabby cottage said...

Yay for you Jane, that was exciting!