Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Heaton Cooper Sketch books

Crossed off another Wainwright over the weekend, Beda Fell number 178 only 35 left. I can't begin to tell you what a great way this is to get to know and see the Lake District. We needed the compass for this one, as the top was unclear, so unclear that the sandwiches were eaten on what we thought was the top only to figure out that we still had another 20minutes along the ridge! It was glorious walking, the warm sun was out, dry underfoot and not many people!
I fancy having a go at painting the view above, it reminds me of a classic 18th century Lake District oil,  the small Lake is Brotherswater.

Daffodils near Ullswater, they're out!!

I had a little wrecky at Grasmere today, went to Heaton Cooper and ordered the 10% off cards for next weeks course, walking out couldn't resist  handling a few sketch books, sad artist tendencies!  Onto the Glenthorne to double check everyone is booked in for next week, which they are thank goodness! I then found this view up a little track that opened out onto the whole of the Dunmail/ Grasmere valley, I've a few people coming that have been before and do like to try and get them to new locations, I thought this could work quite well especially with a tea garden nearby


Kay said...

beautiful photos! I love that you couldn't resist the sketchbooks. I bought a lot in Europe in 2008, had to send them home slow boat..and then got out of the sketchbook habit! Have a pile to use and have to resist the urge to buy the pretty little empty books..sigh..just want to own them all!

jane ward said...

So relieved it's not just me!! I suppose it's a bit like shoes!!!