Friday, 9 April 2010

Yorke, Il Bell, Frostwick and The Tongue

What strange words these are, Yorke, Il Bell, Frostwick and The Tongue they could be characters out of 'Lord of the Rings' but no they are four 'Wainwright fell tops' all achieved in a round 10 mile walk. We left the car without jackets and enjoying warm Spring weather. Before we reached the first fell jackets were on and the wind was picking up.

Yorke summit looking down to Windermere.
Along the ridge to Il Bell in Snow! The Woolly hat was on, with hood fastened tightly and sunglasses put back in bag! But notice the smile, it felt invigorating to be back on the fells with the weather closing in. Dark threatening clouds with glimpses of light on dramatic ridges, good the mind and this artists inspiration!
The first time I've seen Kentmere a solitude Lake or is it a Tarn!
Now I packed my sketchbook and paints for this sunny adventure hoping for a quick picture at the top, but as you can see here on Il Bell there was no views apart from the 'Pea Soup'
No walk in the Lakes would be complete without seeing a cuddly Herdwick.
A near perfect finish, a pub at the end, but a pint of beer and Coco Cola coming to £7.30!
You can tell I'm from Yorkshire


Ralph said...

Bumped into your blog. This week I was meant to be doing just that running some of the lakeland fells unfortunately i fell from my caravan roof while washing it in preparation. So can you imagine how I feel seeing your pictures and the bar I have had an ale in that very bar after a long fell run. Cant remember it being so pricey but I can remmeber it tasted very good.

jane ward said...

Thanks for popping by Ralph, sorry to hear about your fall, you should have let our Cumbrian rain clean it instead.