Friday, 23 April 2010

Rydal Waterfall

Rydal Waterfall in Watercolour

What a week, Watendlath, Stockley Bridge still unfinished and now Rydal waterfall bit different to the Trevi fountain, which is what I thought I would be painting! But eh ho the weather looks good here in the Lakes and it's a gorgeous time of the year to get out walking. I tried some different techniques out on the waterfall, I worked off sketches and unfinished paintings!! I've a course at Grasmere in a week and I'm sure we will be visiting this dramatic waterfall, not sure if the Bluebells are out yet!


Kay said...

very nice..waterpool is terrific

d40 said...

Its a powerful image, Jane.
Did you paint this in the viewing hut/building near the base of the falls?

Lady Ren said...

really pretty- glad to have found your blog.