Sunday, 2 May 2010

Which bag holds more painting gear!

Well I've checked the weather forecast at least 10 times since Friday and again just now, and I think we could see some sunshine for 'Grasmere outdoor painting course'. My art room looks like a tornado has hit it!! doors, drawers, cupboards all open, the table full of pencils, pastels and sit mats!! And now my biggest problem is WHICH BAG shall I use!!! What a dilemma to be in, The old trusty rucksack with plenty of pockets and also fairly waterproof, or one of the shoulder bags which will hold more but be open to the elements. Only I can decide and at 5.20 on a Sunday evening too late to buy another!! I've fancied painting all day today but like a Racehorse before the string has dropped, I've held myself back and sharpened pencils and cleaned up pastels ready for action tomorrow. I wonder sometimes if those who never paint know the pains we go through to capture that special moment, lugging easel, chairs, brollies and paints single handled to the chosen spot. To then not know where to start, and how frightening that empty paper can be,  to wrestle with the elements be it rain or worse wind, wasps or midges freezing hands or sun-burnt heads. But oh when you relax and leave all thoughts behind and capture that view, you realise it's all worth it and such a joy.
Right which bag will it be!!!


Kay said...

I understand your difficulty! My husband thinks it is relaxing for me to paint..but there is a lot of fear..unless I eventually surrender myself to the process and then the fun begins

Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got here... Just droppin' by to say hi!