Monday, 12 April 2010

Waterfront Residence

What a difference a few days makes with Cumbrian weather walking in snow on Thursday with hat and gloves! 7.30am this morning, the sun was shinning brightly through a gap in the curtains, I wondered what the lake would be like. So a gentle little run with camera of course, and what a beautiful morning. The lake is often very still 1st thing, but usually by 9 am its ruffled up and no reflections until later in the day. Signs of spring were everywhere Blossom on trees, wood sorrel peeping through, I even saw some Primroses. One of the things I love most the sounds of birds singing, a soltary wild goose honking loudly on the lake, a woodpecker, two for good luck magpies and even a shy Oyster catcher.

Not quite finished yet but thought I'd let you see how I was getting on with 'Waterfront residence' in watercolour, bet you can guess where it's from?

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