Monday, 19 April 2010

Watercolour Weekend Gallery

Watercolour Weekend for Beginners Gallery
Here you can see what five ladies and I  got up to this weekend. It is such a joy to teach people to paint when they are so keen and enthusiastic. We started on Saturday with the middle row a misty Derwentwater, finishing this and straight into Daffodils at Ullswater, this was finished on Sunday along with the a dramatic Sharp Edge. It's amazing how personal styles come through, we all used the same colours, but all quite different. It was a great course.

It's been a very strange time with all the Volcano news, looking out of the skylight this morning you can see a very thin layer of dark dust particles, we were supposed to be flying to Rome on Thursday, I was hoping to bring you paintings of the Trevi Fountain. But my heart is not wanting to go, hearing all the stories about people stuck all over the world and trying to make their way back, my brother and family are out in America,I've offered to get the canoe out!

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Kay said...

oh my.. I hope you get to Rome! I wish my watercolor class had continued but was not to be and just as well, I am really struggling with my watercolors right now. Looking forward to August workshop with Lian Zhen