Sunday, 29 November 2009

Winter at Tarn Hows

I think Autumn is over and Winter's begun, I'm going by my painting clock! I want to paint snowy tops, all those Autumn leaves have now blown away. I really enjoyed painting this picture of 'Tarn Hows' I kept a limited palette, no Ultramarine Blue for snow shadows, which is the colour I nearly always use. Prussian was the only Blue I used, it is a vicious colour but hopefully handled with care won't bite. 

Tarn hows is one of  the six  projects on my Watercolour Course,
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d40 said...

Hi Jane.... that log burning stove sounds like a good idea at this time of the year, hope you manage to keep warm. The Tarn Hows painting looks great even without your "favorite blue", love the reflections.

Dave F.

jane ward said...

Hey thanks D40 it's been horrible here lately but the snow's come and everything looks better.