Thursday, 26 November 2009

Every picture tells a story

Halfway through a watercolour of Tarn Hows and I'm feeling positive about it. I just happened to look down at my desk and thought blimey heck how can you work like this!But I heard yesterday that creative people do need a little disruption!
So here is the story of my table RUBBER HAMMER used for banging in rods on paper stretcher also travels on trips to Italy, cleaners in hotel rooms look on hammer with mystification! PHOTO'S OF FRIARS CRAG, used for demo at Penrith. HALF EMPTY CUP OF COFFEE and GLASS OF WATER water used for painting, coffee for drinking sometimes can be mixed up, brushes dipped in coffee and sips of diluted paint drunk! ACRYLICS used on Tuesday at Millbeck painting group Acrylic 1/2 finished painting, sat on floor wondering if it is wanted or if a trip to the bin could be eminent.COLOUR SHAPER found after been lost in pastel box for 3 months great for applying masking fluid. 3 SKETCH BOOKS, NO 4! One nearly full, One started on, and one brand new and one given as a present from students in Italy.

Now must get back to painting of Tarn Hows and ignore sobs from Acrylic gone wrong!
Here is day three of 'little Cumbria'
I'm on at 43 minutes into the programme

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our shabby cottage said...

I hope you have been OK, Jane, with the floods. We have been watching it all on our news in disbelief! I used to go shopping in Cockermouth and to see it under water is amazing.

Tarn Hows has a special place in my heart too. I can't wait to see it finished.