Sunday, 8 November 2009

Art on a bike.

Been self employed, you can pick your weekends when you want, even though today is a weekend I'd decided to do some work on my website. I've had a website for about 10 years which I manage myself with help from friends. But with the sun beckoning I decided to go round Derwentwater on my bike, I'm trying to get fitter and have set myself stupidly a goal of under 1 hour round the lake. Why: I ask myself when peddling with legs of jelly round the catbells bends, but then on the marvellous decent I catch a glimpse of sunshine warming the trees below Causey Pike and suddenly legs of jelly are forgotten. Speeding past tourists with sticks, walkers with muddy dogs and pheasants squawking, I make it back home with seconds to spare.
Tomorrow is promising a day of frost and sunshine, fingers crossed.

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