Monday, 23 November 2009

Battling against the weather

I had a walk down to the lake yesterday, in full mountain gear, luckily most Keswicans have full outdoor protective clothing, it was quite shocking seeing how far the lake came up. This is the ticket office on your right. The launch company moored  two of their boats on the side of Derwent Island, out of the full force of the wind to protect these lovely old Launches.

Underwater jetties

Walked to the end of Friars Crag battling against the weather, as you can see another storm was brewing down Borrowdale.Today I've been getting ready for Penrith art club evening demonstation. I'm quite looking forward to it, mind they are videoing it onto a big screen so everyone can see! I hope there won't be a time delay! It could be a bit off putting ,I've had a go at the painting I will demonstrate it's on 'Fisher 400' with pastels but I'm using it with water!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you survived with only webbed feet.
Dreadful what has been happening over there - we feel for all those involved
All the best Isabel & Malcolm Brown

Lakeland art said...

Hi Malcolm and Isabel many thanks, it's been a bit rough, and it's raining again.